How To Promote Your Business Online

Posted By: Poketors - September 26, 2013
Since years we have seen the traditional way for promoting special offers and discounts by any business owner is to provide a chalkboard display or a printout outside shop. The basic reason for creating specials and events by the business owners is to draw the attention of customers and also get the space to show the products and brands on offers or discounts. A lot of promotional offers  a local business owner can use like "50% Off On Garments" or "Grab a smartphone and get bluetooth free" and many more.

So we have to follow below guidelines which will help us to reach most of the customers when you are doing it online.

1. Promotions On Website Or Blog :

You can include the products or services which are on offer or discounts on your website so that people can see once they visit your website.

Placing a calendar which updates in real time with specials and events will be helpful to keep your visitors up to date promotions else you may end up our day with some irate visitors.

Use tools like  UPlanMe and Google which offer great free calendar tools for your business websites.

2. Promotions On Social Media :

In todays world you must have a product pages on your various social media profiles. You have to make sure that you are posting your offers and events on all the social media profiles regularly once you set up for that. Instagram would be helpful in case you promote uploading event image.  Even images would draw attention of the visitors in other social media profiles too like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

3.  Promotion Through Google Offers & Yelp Deals :

Google Offers and Yelp Deals are two popular place where you can market daily or weekly specials and offers.  Google Offers and Yelp Deals were initially created to compete with the Groupons / Daily Deal Companies of the world (Get 50% off $20 worth of goods), they provide another type of offer that doesn't require you to charge massive discounts and force customers to pay upfront.

Google and Yelp let you create redeemable “coupons” and “offers” that reach consumers on their web and mobile apps.

4. Promotion On Your Business Listings :

The most prefered and easiest way to market your business is to upload your business listings to the popular online business directory websites. Along with Yelp and Google Palces, you can go for Bing Places,, Mapquest, Yellow Pages, Citysearch etc. 

By placing business listings on these various listing directories, you are able to place your daily and weekly offers and events directly into the description of your business.

5. Promotion On Local News, Event Websites :

Identify the various local news websites, local blogs, local events, things to do websites and location-based mobile apps which are used by local people also your potential customers in your area. This will help your customers to find out about the local happenings in your town or city with your promotions too.

There is an alternate way which you can access tools like UPlanMe for a $15 monthly fee, will automatically publish and promote your daily and weekly specials for you.

Always take time to market your business’s offers, specials and events online. In case you are creating any offer deals, specials, promotions and events, it is obvious taht you are askign customer to come to you for your brands, products and services.

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