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Microsoft Office 365 Mobile for Android Released

Posted By: Poketors - August 01, 2013
Worldwide software giant Microsoft rolled out Mobile Office to Windows mobile devices long back, and now announced on Wednesday that Office Mobile for Android is now available for download.

The app allows Office 365 subscribers basic editing tools for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as document synchronization.

Microsoft Office 365 Mobile for Android Released

Office Mobile App for Android smartphones joins identical offering by Microsoft for Apple's iPhone. Microsoft hasn't said when Office Mobile apps would be available on Android or Apple tablets, and recommends users use the Office Web Apps for those devices. Requirements for the Office Mobile for Android app include smartphones running the Android OS 4.0 or higher paired with an Office 365 subscription, priced at $100 per year for Home Premium and $150 for Small Business Premium.

Microsoft is still favoring its own Windows mobile OS over others, a move that has VARs like Falcon wondering if the Redmond, Wash.-based company's decision was intentional in order to push customers to its Surface tablet and Windows 8 convertible devices. If Microsoft is perpetuating its closed ecosystem mentality, Falcon said, "it runs the risk of further alienating mobile customers who have already taken a pass Microsoft and are now Google or Apple customers."

You can download the app from Google Play store. Click here to download and install.


How Android Apps Rule The Android Gadget Market [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - July 29, 2013
We all are aware of the fact that Android is ruling the world's electronic gadgets market either it is a phone, tablet or phablet.

How Android Apps Rule The Android Gadget Market [Infographic]

The below inforgraphic will show how the Android OS has taken over the mobile world in spite of its strong competitor Apple's iOS presence in market. And most of the good stuff on Android is free, thanks to the work of developers who do it for love alone.

Source : StartApp


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Release Confirmed

Posted By: Poketors - July 23, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will be available in the retail market from the next week in two different screen sizes — seven-inch and eight-inch. The devices run on Android Jelly Bean operating system and are enabled with voice and data and Wi-fi.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Release ConfirmedThe devices sport the ‘reading mode’ technology that optimises display for illumination and tone to help in reading. The ‘multi-window’ option allows users to work on two apps at the same time by dividing the screen into two parts.

The eight-inch Tab 3, with Wi-fi and 3G, is priced at Rs 25,725, while the Wi-fi only version is available for Rs 21,945. The seven-inch Tab 3 is priced at Rs 17,745.

The eight-inch device sports a 5-megapixel (MP) rear camera and a 1.9 MP front camera. It is powered by a 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor, comes with 1.5 GB of RAM and has 16 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded via a microSD card. Cards up to 64 GB are supported.

The seven-inch device is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM, and has 8 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 32 GB. It sports a 3 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera. Both the devices come pre-loaded with a good number of applications.

If you want to buy : You can order your favorite Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from Amazon.


Paytm App Launched On Windows Phone

Posted By: Poketors - July 14, 2013
Paytm, one of India's leading prepaid recharge and payment solutions for mobile, DTH, 3G data and utility services, has launched its app on Windows Phones.

In march of this year, Paytm had launched Bus ticket bookings to go with mobile recharge and mobile payments on their web platform. This new feature was added to Paytm Android and iOS apps in May so that consumers could book bus tickets on their mobile apps as well.

With this launch, Paytm App is now available on nearly all the smartphone platform stores including Android play store, iOS app store, Blackberry app world, Windows phone as well Nokia store.

Paytm is already one of the most downloaded utility mobile apps in India notching up over 1 million downloads on Android. According to their website, 6.5 million people have used Paytm over 70 million times via various channels including web, sms, IVR, mobile site and mobile apps.
Paytm App Launched On Windows Phone

The Windows Phone app has a similar interface to its iOS counterpart. The home panel has mobile, DTH, toll card and data card recharge options. Other features available on Paytm's website and mobile apps like coupons are present in the newly launched app as well

Currently, bus tickets are not enabled on Windows apps.

One of the reason why Paytm has been quite successful is due to mobile apps’ intuitive user experience. Paytm has been getting rave reviews for their easy-to-use UI of the apps, that mobile app users love.

Paytm aims to get a bigger share of the recharge and bill payments market with the roll out of its new apps. The company claims to have over 6 million subscribers that use its services over Web, SMS, IVR, mobile Web and mobile apps.

Commenting on the launch Harinder Takhar, CEO, Paytm, said "At Paytm we have always strived to create a smooth experience for our users irrespective of their choice of device and this initiative is yet another effort to extend the world-class experience Paytm is known for to Windows Phone devices.".

Some Free Useful Apps For Android

Posted By: Poketors - March 24, 2013
New android smartphone or tablet and looking to load with the best app offerings on Google Play? So here we bring you the very best free and paid for Android apps available right now. Here's what delights we have discovered this month.

Sky Movies

The ultimate companion for Sky customers already subscribed to the Movies package, watch films from across the 11 channels from a compatible device, access remote recording and see trailers and cast lists for movies hitting your local Cineplex.

Sky Movies

Price: Free (For Sky customers) | Platform: Android 2.2+ | Download Sky Movies Android app

Awareness HD Etymotic

Noise cancelling is great, until you miss your boarding call or someone has to grab you by the shoulder to get your attention at work. This app lets Etymotic headphone users manually adjust levels and the mic on the fly. Clever.

Awareness HD Etymotic

Price: Free | Platform: Android 4.1+ | Download Awareness HD Etymotic Android app


Making sure you don’t miss another Monday morning cardio session this simple tracker will help you build your training program in a clean interface letting you add custom categories and look back at training history to see if you need to add any more weight sessions.

Price: Free | Platform: Android 4.0+ | Download FitNotes Android app


There are plenty of apps out there that claim to provide you with the news you're interested in. MATERIAL does the very same thing, except it automatically picks up on your interests from your Facebook and Twitter activity, and then instead of bringing you news from the biggest sites, it expertly grabs interesting content from smaller sites you may not know existed. As you continue to use social media, your MATERIAL will evolve to your tastes.

RBS 6 Nations Championship App

After England kicked off its Six Nation campaign with a win, this is the official app to see you through the rest of the tournament which is complete with pre and post-match coverage including live commentary, highlights from the game, in-depth stats analysis and it even supports French and Italian for our oval ball lovers overseas.

Epic Citadel

Previously only available for iOS devices, you can now take a stunning visual walk around a fictional world looks that like it has been carved straight out of from a high-end console. Painting a bright future for Android gaming, the Unreal Engine 3-powered demo now adds a Benchmark feature which will show you how capable your device is running the graphically impressive app.


The slick puzzler which is all about matching more than five coloured squares to clear them from the board, makes life more difficult by throwing on random squares after each unsuccessful move to make the task more difficult. Visually it looks the part but most importantly you’ll find yourself glued to it after a few games.


One of the standout apps from the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenger, the flipbook movie maker has now broken free from the Note shackles. Letting you make the animated flicks frame by frame, you can pick how many frames per second you want to use, and with the S-Pen draw more accurate pictures to bring to life. You can share flicks to Facebook and YouTube and then wait for the Likes and the comments to start streaming in.


Already available for the iPad and iPhone, Android owners can now turn their smartphone into a touch screen remote and enjoy complete Planner manager management when away from home. As well as being to swipe to pause, play and rewind, you will also be able to delete six month old HD episodes of Eastenders clogging up the set-top box even without interrupting Walford’s finest as they play out on the TV.


Activision has marked the 30th anniversary of the Atari 2600 classic by giving the game a reboot for smartphones and tablets with 3D graphics, Temple Run-style gameplay and a frantically switching camera angles that makes the modern makeover worthy once again of its exclamation mark.

Flipboard: Your News Magazine

The news-reading app which turns all your feeds into a glossy digital magazine has only recently landed on Google Play and the latest update brings support for the Daydream Android 4.2 feature which means when you dock your device, you can see the latest stories floating around your screen as it charges up.

Nike+ Running

It’s taken a while but having been an exclusive for iPhone users and Android customers on 02, the running tracking app is now available to download for everyone (well, almost). If you have a compatible device you can use your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to record run data and with the UI given a much needed refresh also see runs in greater detail with intergration for Nike’s Fuel Points system.

BT SmartTalk

Letting you make calls from your smartphone at landline prices, BT customers can register up to 5 smartphones to benefit from dialling 0800 numbers or making calls abroad to the UK over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G and not getting a crippling phone bill in return.


Rapidly growing as one of the most popular ways to make getting fit more of a game, Fitocracy has now come to Android which means you can workout and discover new exercises all while levelling up like real-life video game character.

Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft’s second screen experience turns your Android smartphone (or tablet) into an slick remote to navigate around the Xbox 360 dashboard and interact with movie, TV and the new Xbox Music app. Gaming is surely where the true potential of SmartGlass lies, but currently only a handful games are compatible which include Forza Horizon and Dance Central 3. It's a start though and we expect to see more of SmartGlass in 2013.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Xbox SmartGlass Android app


The first app offering from former Lionhead lead designer Peter Molyneux and his new 22cans studio, the aim of the Curiosity game (or social experiment) is to chip away at the cube to reveal the top secret contents. Molyneux says Curiosity is a test of the ‘psychology of monetisation’ which is clearly aimed at some pretty pricey in-app purchases to help you get closer to solving the mystery that lies beneath the layers.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Curiosity Android app


Need to quickly locate the perfect place to flex your knowledge of pop music in the 90s and famous London landmarks? This pub quiz location app simply finds the nearest places to show off your smarts with integrated map information and details of the prizes up for grabs whether it's a shiny trophy or a drinks tab that has to be redeemed on the night.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download PubQuix Android app

Fluid Football

Separating the long ball merchants from the lovers of the tiki-taka, the finger-swiping football action has now arrived on Android. Former Sky Sports pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys will comment on your best worked moves while the hint system will help out if you can’t breach that back line in under four passes.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Fluid Football Android app

Whale Trail Frenzy

One of the surprise hits of the past year and worthy of its T3 Award App of the Year nomination, the psychedelic game is back looking simplistically beautiful once again with a soothing soundtrack courtesy of Gruff Rhys of the Super Furry Animals. A Tiny Wings-esque continuous scrolling level mode has now been added and best of all, it's now free to play.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Whale Trail Frenzy Android app

Easy Voice Recorder Free
Turns your smartphone into a basic Dictaphone. Start it up and you’ll soon be taping conversations covertly for use in future arguments.

Price: Free | Platform: Android | Download Easy Voice Recorder Free Android app

Pencil Sketch
Calling all aspiring artists who want don't want to put the time or effort in to create a masterpiece, Pencil Sketch takes existing photos from your smartphone or tablet and gives them a pencilled makeover. You can also save the images and share them on Facebook on Twitter to suitably amaze friends with your new-found skill.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Posted By: Poketors - March 17, 2013
The biggest smart phone battle is now on the air. The recently crowned HTC One must prove itself against the mighty Samsung Galaxy S4. Will the HTC stay at the top or will its fall from its top position? Let's find out.
Overall View : Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

In the one corner, you have the HTC One's rather wonderful aluminium body, which feels reassuringly strong, smooth and svelte thanks to relatively slim proportions. Somehow it looks a little industrial and retro from the front, which we love. You will be proud to show this device to friends.

In the Samsung corner, you get a the polycarbonate plastic the Galaxy S3 was encased in. Regardless of the technical name, it feels cheaper in the hand but it does at least mean the weight of the device is kept relatively low, which is probably a good idea when the display is as large as it is. In the S4's defence, it does do a splendid job of housing a gigantic display so you won't need to stitch on a clown pocket.

We've said it before and we'll harp on about it again: premium phones should feel premium in the hand, and the Galaxy S4 falls short in this area. A win for the HTC One here.

Hardware & Performance : Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

If looks are largely irrelevant, the Samsung is going to impress you. You don't get a dual-core processor, or even a quad one ─ try an eight-core Samsung Exynos 1.6GHz monster comprised two quad core processors, 2GB of RAM and a powerVR SGX 544 graphics chip that will make Angry Birds and other mobile games run incredibly smoothly. Suffice to say, Samsung has once again set the pace for just how much power you can get into a phone, although the jury's out on whether all that power is noticeable or even needed.

Unfortunately for the HTC One, it was never going to win with four less cores but it's still a powerhouse in its own right. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core clocked at 1.7GHz and with an Adreno 320 GPU behind it, as well as 2GB of RAM, makes the One almost unrivalled when it comes to performance.

Ultimately, if anything can dethrone the HTC One for sheer grunt you will never use, it's the Samsung Galaxy S4 although the difference is unlikely to be great. The fact is, both phones are quicker than just about any other Android phone the world has ever seen, which is impressive. A win on paper for the Sammy here.

Screen : Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Another close call, both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One boast full HD screens. Yes that's 1,920x1080 pixels, just like the full HD goggle box in your living room. In this case, it depends on what you want. For pixel density and therefore clarity, the HTC One boasts a score of 468ppi whereas the Samsung can 'only' manage 441ppi. Both scores far surpass the iPhone 5's Retina Display.

In terms of technology, the Galaxy S4 uses Green AMOLED technology to lower power consumption, which is a good thing when the size of the display is a whopping 5in. We're talking nearly Samsung Galaxy Note territory. The HTC One is a slightly more manageable 4.7in and uses SLCD technology.

Technically this fight is a draw because, while the HTC One is more detailed and more pocketable, you may crave the impact of a bigger screen. Either way, the detail will be superb, the brightness more than adequate and the colours vivid. It just depends on whether you like the HTC One's more subtle colours and more palatable display or the bolder colours and bigger screen of the S4.

Battery Life : Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Battery life is always a tough call because no two people will have the same user habits. Regardless of how big a battery is, spend loads of time on YouTube streaming HD videos and you will soon know about it.
Let's look at the numbers, though. For the HTC One, you get a 2,300mAh battery that can't be removed. For the Samsung, it's 2,600mAh and can be removed. Expect about a day of solid use before plugging either device into the mains while you sleep.

Camera : Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Megapixels mean little if a camera doesn't know how to use them. Fortunately for you, the HTC One's UltraPixel system provides pretty good low-light performance, accurate colours and the capability to capture fast-moving objects and scenes. It can also record impressive 1080p video footage. As phone cameras go, the HTC One is very well blessed and we doubt anyone would be disappointed with the results.

Samsung has opted to keep things simple with a bog-standard MP count of 13. Not the most out there but definitely competitive with the Nokia PureViews and UltraPixel variants of the world. Detail is impressive, colours are spot on and, as with most recent flagship phones, the low-light capability is vastly improved versus the Galaxy S3. In terms of features, the S4 can record both cameras at once using Dual Shot, merge photos taken from the two cameras at the same time and can even record up to nine seconds of sound while capturing a photo.

Knowing the stakes are high, the winner here is an especially tough choice. We're going to call the HTC One the victor here based on the quality of the shots from both devices we've seen so far and mainly because we can't see Dual Shot being used all that much.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Some Extended Features : Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

In terms of extended features, the HTC One comes with an impressive 32GB of storage, HTC's greatly improved Sense 5 user-interface and a home screen that is basically Flipboard. It looks a little like it came from Windows Phone, thanks to sizable tiles packed with images and information, and therefore all the better for it. Simplicity is sometimes what Android needs and the One really tries to plonk the essentials in an easy to find location. Even so, you can still customise to your heart's content if you so desire.

Samsung has decided to build on the S3's out-of-the-box functionality. Smart Stay – now known as Smart Pause – eyeball tracking is back, along with proximity feature Air View. Basically, it's the equivalent of hovering your mouse pointer over something. By keeping your finger near but not touching the screen, you can manipulate certain functionality such as hovering over Google images so you see a larger version without actually clicking it. The same can be applied to swiping, too. Rounding off is the S Health app, which lets you keep tabs on your exercise routine and health using the S4's array of new sensors – including temperature and moisture tracking.

We questioned the need for those extras on the Galaxy S3 and we are still unsure whether the S4 benefits from having them, although Air View could prove useful in a number of situations. Therefore the victory goes to the Galaxy S4 – unless you crave a focus on simplicity, in which case, the HTC One is for you.

Suggestion To Buy : Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

If we counted up the wins, the score resides at a nail-biting 3-3 draw. In some ways that's a good thing because it highlights the brilliance of the Galaxy S4 and how much HTC has learned to allow it to release what quickly became our current smartphone of choice.

The S4 can't hold a candle to the stylish and Flipboard-enthused HTC One. It's fresh, well designed and it could take a knock or two before warranting an expensive repair bill. But it's a little less powerful, if that matters to you, and the screen is detailed but a tad smaller. If you prefer your Android experience a little more garish and vanilla, the S4 is for you ─ if you can put up with another bout of plastic.

Both phones are worthy of your money, but, assuming our review goes the way we think it will, the HTC One will hold onto its crown until the iPhone 5S.


Top 10 Android Games Released In 2013 Till Date

Posted By: Poketors - February 09, 2013
How do we decide on android games which to choose and which not to? Basically it is too tough to decide a game from play store for installation because we totally get confused. Hence, we have made it easy to the android gamer by providing helpful description on the games released so far in the year 2013 till date.

Here we present a list of top 10 android games. Click on the individual game title to go to play store downloadable link.

With over 170 million downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!

Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?

Temple Run 2

Whats new in Temple Run 2
  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Gorgeous new organic environments
  • New obstacles
  • More powerups
  • More achievements
  • Special powers for each character
  • Bigger monkey!!!

Defend against waves of enemy monsters by equipping up to 3 unique weapons at one time. Each weapon has its own unique abilities so choose the weapon that best fits your play style! Thwart any enemy siege by upgrading your Castle and its Defense Weapons. And when hope seems lost, unleash powerful area-of-effect Magic that will stun and damage all enemy units on the field! Put your strength to the test by defeating the Bosses every 10 levels. Featuring real time adaptive game interface, you can control how your game looks by advancing through the levels and unlocking new terrain and by upgrading your Castle!

Colosseum Defense

Colosseum Defense is a casual shooting defense game with clear game progression that will have users engaged for hours!

Royal Revolt is a brand new reverse T-defense game with beautiful 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls! Lead your soldiers to victory against your greedy relatives who have stolen your father’s throne. 

Royal Revolt!

Simple to play, we need to use the simple touch controls to direct your troops, employ battle magic to heal, stun or destroy, upgrade your hero, knights and spells and all the way conquer all 58 castles to become King.

Sharpen the axe, polish your armor and ready your guns! It's time to fight for glory, honor and gold once more! Guns'n'Glory is back!

Guns'n'Glory Heroes

The realm is under attack as Orcs, apostate Elves and dark knights roam the lands! Help our heroes Smirl, Arlon and Eloa in their epic struggle against this evil menace! Harness the power of light and face your enemies! Annihilate whole armies with magical fire and ice! Unleash the Dwarven Fury upon your foes and split Orcs skulls! Join your party of stalwart heroes and become the Champion of the Hill Lands!

It is a time of war and chaos. Begin with nothing and end with a kingdom. SEGA’s Kingdom Conquest II is the epic free-to-play strategy game for conquerors.

Kingdom Conquest II

Dominate real players online. Unite the strong and crush the weak until final victory is declared. You decide who joins your cause or submits to your will. Kingdom Conquest II blends the best elements of card battling, real time strategy, MMORPGs, and 3D dungeon battles to deliver a massive and addictive fantasy war game like no other.

The house of your dreams is a dream no more! You play both architect and landlord in this fanciful new sim, and it's up to you to furnish your ideal abode with anything from arcade games to saunas to convenience stores. Certain combinations can power up your rooms...and their rent. Put an HDTV and game console together to make a game room, or a grand piano and painting together to make a fine arts room!

Dream House Days

Rise up the rankings of real estate fame and you might reel in some celebrity tenants, ranging from hit singers to soccer stars!

Dungelot is like the Minesweeper of rogue likes. It’s fast, casual and charming. Worth every penny. Featuring simplified gameplay, clean graphics, and fun RPG elements, Dungelot gives novices an engaging introduction to dungeon exploration.


Dungelot is fun, addictive casual rogue like with easy controls. Flip over tiles to reveal amazing treasures or deadly monsters in your search for the key to exit the level.

The Xbox Live Arcade Action Shooter Ikaruga is now available on Android for play on the go! Ikaruga is the first of its kind for Smartphones with its beautiful interface and its smooth UI system. Using your built in shield, absorb all enemy fire and unleash your power! Tear your way through the game!


If you wish to change your User Settings or Read the User Guide, please tap Option within the Game interface. Then Tap Help, and change your settings as desired.

Gunslugs is the most chaotic, fun, arcade action game you'll find on any platform! Non-stop action from the guys behind Meganoid, Meganoid 2 and Stardash !


The legendary NEOGEO 2D action shooting masterpiece “METAL SLUG 3” heads out to Android devices! Use various weapons and slugs to fight your way through and survive on the battlefield!!

Metal Slug 3

In addition to its classic “ARCADE MODE”, this perfect conversion of “METAL SLUG 3” includes a “MISSION MODE”, allowing you to select in which stage you want to play! You can now train yourself in your favorite stages or those which give you a hard time!

So we have suggested you some of the best free and paid games available on Google play store.


Top Ten Free Android Apps of 2013

Posted By: Poketors - February 03, 2013
Nowadays people are using various kinds of gadgets, mobiles with android, and the reason why android developers are continuously trying to expand and develop the number of apps. Most of the devices are running with Android latest version Jelly Bean. Here is a list of top 10 free android apps available in play store. Click on the individual sub-title to go to play store link.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. 
Viber : Free Calls And Messages
Viber allows you to call, text, and send photos worldwide for free to over 140 million users. Viber is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and many more devices and platforms. Viber lets everyone in the world connect.

• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Text, chat and have group conversations
• Play games and use your favorite apps
Google Maps

Google Maps for Android with Navigation (Beta) has:

* Detailed maps with 3D buildings
* Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation
* Driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions
* Live traffic information to avoid congestion
* Local search and business reviews
* Google Maps Street View
* Indoor maps for select airports, hotels, retail stores, and more
5. Chrome
Search and browse fast with Chrome on your Android phone and tablet. Sign in to sync your personalized Chrome experience from your computer to bring it with you anywhere you go.
  • Search and navigate fast, directly from the same box. Choose from results that appear as you type.
  • Browse faster with accelerated page loading, scrolling and zooming.
AVG AntiVirus

Free, top-rated, real-time antivirus and anti-theft protection for Smartphones & Tablets. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android™ protects you from harmful viruses, malware, spyware and text messages and helps keep your personal data safe.

MX Player
MX Player - The best way to enjoy your movies.

MX Player is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding. Test result proved that dual-core device’s performance is better up to 70% than that of single-core devices. Easily zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across the screen. Fully supports Android 4.2.

YouTube - Android App
Keep up with your favorite YouTube channels and access the world’s videos anywhere with the official YouTube app for Android.

Adobe Reader For Android

Adobe® Reader® is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF documents across platforms and devices. Install the free Adobe Reader mobile app to work with PDF documents on your Android tablet or phone. Easily access, manage, and share a wide variety of PDF types, including PDF Portfolios, password-protected documents, fillable forms, and Adobe LiveCycle® rights-managed PDF.

Skype - free IM And video calls
Free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype, whether they’re on an Android, iPhone, Mac or PC, as well as IMs to your friends and family, no matter where they are. Features:
  • Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free* over 3G or WiFi. 
  • Make low-cost calls and SMS to mobiles or landlines from your Android smartphone or tablet.
These top ten free android apps are maintaining its positions since several weeks. Use it and let us know your experience.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab Music Applications

Posted By: Poketors - December 30, 2012
The Samsung Galaxy Tablet has been a driving force in Samsung’s success during 2012. Millions of units for the Android-powered tablet has been sold and its popularity is an ever-increasing factor. One category of application that it excels in is music. The following article is a nice compilation list of the top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab music applications. The sub-title points have their Android Market hyperlinks.

1. RealPlayer Beta:

RealPlayer Beta

Real Player’s dominance has been present in the audio and music market for years. The popular PC program has made a transition with an Android application which features:
  • Widgets
  • Simplistic user interface
  • Playlist editor
2. Winamp:


Winamp may have had its popularity in the music player space decrease over the introduction of VLC and such, but its Samsung Galaxy Tab app still delivers:
  • Album art
  • Spinner
  • Wireless syncing
3. SoundHound


One of the most reputable song identifiers currently available on Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s marketplace is undoubtedly SoundHound, with features being:
  • Song previews
  • Lyrics
  • Music videos
4. 8tracks:


Acting as a handcrafted internet radio, 8tracks features over 300,000 mixes. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet application also delivers:
  • Browse genres
  • Favorites
  • Search playlists
5. DJ Studio 3:

DJ Studio 3

With DJ Studio 3, users can select a track of their choice and just start adding DJ effects onto it with the application. It features some of the following:
  • Two desks
  • Disk physics
  • Editable playlist
6. TTPod Music Player:

TTPod Music Player

TTPod Music Player from developer ttpod has one of the best user interfaces that’s currently available for an Android-powered music player. Features are:
  • Skinnable
  • Lyrics
  • Widget control
7. Poweramp Music Player:

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is one of the more advanced and technical music players available on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Features entail:
  • Plays MP3 and MP4
  • 10 band equalizer
  • Crossfade support
8. Saavn Music:

Saavn Music

If you’re into either bollywood or Indian music or bother, Saavn Music sees the deliverance of such tracks, in addition to the following features:
  • Create and save playlists
  • Stations inclusion
  • Radio support
9. My Piano:My Piano

Essentially and indeed effectively acting as a virtual keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, the application delivers some of the following:
  • Piano sound effects
  • Sampler
  • Note velocity
10. Shazam:


If you’re listening to a song that you just can't identify or put you finger on, Shazam will help you out by showcasing which track it is, as well as:
  • Save and listen again
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Share tags on Facebook and Twitter
Hope you are going to try these apps and share your valuable comments.


Amazing Android Apps, Market Growth, Users & App Innovation

Posted By: Poketors - September 15, 2012
Mobile Applications are the biggest talk of the town these days. Not only that the apps have added ease and facility to a user’s life, but it is going beyond that. With the launching of the new iPhone 5 and making smartfones affordable to a larger population, mobile app trend is turning into a mobile app fever. New consumer trends are seen and noted and statistics are prepared for all those who want to benefit form this avalanche of consumer orientation. To make matters interesting, some of these useful statistics are turned into Infographics. Here we go :

Amazing Android Apps

This infographic tells us about the popularity of Android community and the amazing applications Android has produced which gained tremendous response over the years.


Talking Tom is perhaps one of the most famous and most downloaded apps at Android. The best thing is that you can get Talking Tom Cat Free from Android market and enjoy the fun it brings.

Android Market Growth

In this infographic, Android market’s growth stats are mentioned in most interesting manner.

A Typical Android User

This photo plus graphical infographic tells us about the facts and figures of a typical Android user and his/her trends.

App Innovation

The innovation in app development is shown in this retro styles interesting infographic.
Source : AndroidPIT

Top 5 Android Apps For Bloggers

Posted By: Poketors - July 28, 2012
Google's Android has brought the revolution in mobile technology. Within very small period, Android has achieved tremendous success. Android is known for the support of variety of apps. Android has apps for everyone. In this post, I am going to talk about the Android apps for bloggers. There are many apps that can help in blogging. Due to fast life, blogging by keeping stick to computer or laptop is not an easy task. But you don’t have to worry as you can do blogging from your Android smartphone or tablet, while on the go. So let’s have a look at the best Android apps for bloggers.

5 Top Android Apps For Bloggers

1. WordPress

Undoubtedly the best app for bloggers is WordPress. This app is Android version of most popular blogging platform, WordPress. WordPress is the most used blogging platform. If your blog is also hosted on WordPress, then you can’t avoid to have this app on your Android. The app provides the basic features of WordPress on your Android. You can check your blog edit it, save new titles, check comments and can reply to comments as well. This app is free to download and you can get it from Google Play.

2. Blogger

After the WordPress, it’s Blogger which is most used as blogging platform. Blogger is used worldwide to host many blogs. Every new blogger, starts from it. If you are also one of them and have your blog running on Blogger, then this is the must have app for you. You can check messages, save ideas for new posts, reply to comments directly from your Android and that all, while on the move.

3. Evernote

To get success in blogging, daily update of blog is must. This task seems to be simple but actually it’s not. Getting new ideas daily for blog update is not an easy task. Sometimes there is situation that you met with new idea from any event or news and you make your mind to blog on that particular topic. But when you went to blog it, you forget the topic. Well, this has happened with me many times. If it’s also happening with you, then you should use this awesome app for Android. This app makes your Android gadget to work as notepad and you can save any information in it, in the form of text. For fast access and use, you can also save new ideas via voice recording feature.

4. Hootsuite

Blog success can’t be achieved without social media promotion. Social media has become one of the best sources to get traffic. Hootsuite is the app that can keep you active in social media. This app supports all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. Presence in social media is equal to success of your blog in it. This is what this app provides you to do right from your Android smartphone or tablet. This app comes in free and paid versions. You can use any version according to your choice.

5. Google Analytics

Keeping track of traffic to blog is very important. Google Analytics is the best tool for this. This app is official Android release of the same. You can use this app to keep track of traffic to your blog from your Android based smartphone or tablet. This is must have app for all the bloggers.

So it was the list of best apps for Android. Hope you like them. As a blogger, I personally like all the apps and will recommend every blogger to use these apps to stay active in their blogging field, from Android smartphone or tablet.


Instagram App For Android Launches Soon

Posted By: Poketors - March 13, 2012
Android users, your wait for a wonderful photo sharing app is over. Instagram, the popular photo-filtering and sharing app, is on its way to Google’s mobile operating system. The Android version of Instagram is currently being tested in private beta and will be released “very soon.”
Instagram App For Android Launches Soon

Co-founder Kevin Systrom announced at SXSW Sunday that the long-awaited Android version of Instagram is nearly here. He teased the version on stage, but did not provide a demo.

“In some ways, it’s better than our iOS app. It’s crazy,” Systrom said. In a Q&A following his presentation, Systrom said the app is fast, works great on large screens and can share photos to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other networks.

Systrom also announced Sunday that the iOS version of Instagram — which was named Apple’s iOS app of the year last year — has seen some 27 million downloads.

Source : Mashable

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