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Microsoft Will Now Offer Windows Phone OS For Free

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 17, 2014
Microsoft is going to offer its operating system free for Indian smartphones companies. It competes with Google massively popular free operating system Android. Microsoft is keeping in touch with Indian phone companies since last year to produce affordable Windows Phone devices as per several internet source.

Microsoft Will Now Offer Windows OS For Free

Microsoft has agreed not to charge its usual licensing fee for the Windows Phone OS in Indian market. Microsoft has also declared a low-cost version of the Microsoft Office suite dubbed Office 365 Personal for smartphones.

Chris Schneider in a post on the Office Blog states that “It’s designed for an individual, allows for one PC or Mac and one tablet to be connected to the service and will be available for $69.99 USD/year or $6.99 USD/ month. We recognize that there are households of all shapes and sizes and we’re committed to delivering the right Office for everyone – whether that be one person or an entire household.”

Office 365 Personal would be released this spring. This is the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 Home. It provides five desktop and five mobile licenses for $99. It will include 60 minutes of Skype calls per month and 20GB of Microsoft OneDrive storage space. 

It seems that Microsoft has taken a very smart move with making its OS free  for smartphones.


Windows Phone Includes Android As Dual OS

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 16, 2014
Now smartphone users are getting dual OS.  Huawei is already decided to keep on making Windows OS phones but the most happening news is that Android systems are going to integrate with present Windows OS. It means that users can get the opportunity to use both the OS according to their choices.

Windows Phone Includes Android As Dual OS

Shao Yang, Huawei’s CMO, told “We are still committed to making Windows Phone devices”. He also added that Android devices are more popular on the market.

As per him a “dual OS” incorporating both Android and Windows on a Windows Phone would be the greatest move that the company has yet taken.

He added that “If it is Windows only, maybe people will not find it as easy a decision to buy the phone. If they have the Android and Windows together, you can change it as you wish and it is much easier for people to choose Windows Phone. We think the dual OS can be a new choice for the consumer. It will be on sale in the US in Q2.”

In January, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel displayed a chip created for such dual OS devices. It means that the concept is not new and not only used by Huawei but Intel may reveal their new products also.

Paytm App Launched On Windows Phone

Posted By: Poketors - July 14, 2013
Paytm, one of India's leading prepaid recharge and payment solutions for mobile, DTH, 3G data and utility services, has launched its app on Windows Phones.

In march of this year, Paytm had launched Bus ticket bookings to go with mobile recharge and mobile payments on their web platform. This new feature was added to Paytm Android and iOS apps in May so that consumers could book bus tickets on their mobile apps as well.

With this launch, Paytm App is now available on nearly all the smartphone platform stores including Android play store, iOS app store, Blackberry app world, Windows phone as well Nokia store.

Paytm is already one of the most downloaded utility mobile apps in India notching up over 1 million downloads on Android. According to their website, 6.5 million people have used Paytm over 70 million times via various channels including web, sms, IVR, mobile site and mobile apps.
Paytm App Launched On Windows Phone

The Windows Phone app has a similar interface to its iOS counterpart. The home panel has mobile, DTH, toll card and data card recharge options. Other features available on Paytm's website and mobile apps like coupons are present in the newly launched app as well

Currently, bus tickets are not enabled on Windows apps.

One of the reason why Paytm has been quite successful is due to mobile apps’ intuitive user experience. Paytm has been getting rave reviews for their easy-to-use UI of the apps, that mobile app users love.

Paytm aims to get a bigger share of the recharge and bill payments market with the roll out of its new apps. The company claims to have over 6 million subscribers that use its services over Web, SMS, IVR, mobile Web and mobile apps.

Commenting on the launch Harinder Takhar, CEO, Paytm, said "At Paytm we have always strived to create a smooth experience for our users irrespective of their choice of device and this initiative is yet another effort to extend the world-class experience Paytm is known for to Windows Phone devices.".

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