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Posted By: Arin Dey - July 06, 2011
Nowadays blogging has become one of the most preferred activity for the techies, IT professionals, doctors, film stars, film directors, politicians, school students and college-goers. The popularity and passion for blogging has influenced bloggers and has triggered a lot of budding bloggers and probloggers to boost up their interest in it and be a successful blogger. I can refer all of these bloggers as webmasters.

The hugely dominating field 'blogging' has its different platforms on which bloggers blog. Such as - Blogger, WordPress, Blog, TypePad, Tumblr, Live Journal and lot more. All the bloggers can see that a million of blogs being posted each day in different platforms. Maximum % of the bloggies community just blog as they have to write something or want to tell his/her friends, relatives that they also know blogging and what is the fun behind it. Couple of decades back also, people used to maintain diary and now also some people are still there who just want to be part of posting their life's snap shots and never care about who is reading it or not.

Bloggers must have the following prerequisites before they start blogging:

The Platform : Blogger has to choose the platform amongst a lot of available options in the web; like - Blogger, Wordpress, Blog, TypePad, Tumblr etc.

The Look And Feel : Blogger has to determine and fix a proper blog template from available various kind of sample template in the platforms. The look should be attractive and meaningful somewhat to your blogs. Using of different colors, styles make the blogs look professional and readable. If required you can change the template or style or you can also hire a designer who can design on behalf of you. So your readers can be more serious to your blogs.

The Content : The content should be fresh and the writing style should be unique. So that when the readers go through your blog they don't feel that the content is old one or copied from someone/some websites/blogs. Using simple words and simple presentation attract more readers. The writing style can make your blogs much more presentable and understandable. Not necessarily every blog should be liked by your readers and make them stay on your blogs. So, the more you post, the more chance you get to attract the eye of someone for related topics.

The Dedication : The most important thing for writing a good blog is dedication. You should be dedicated to your blog posts. You have to put in the time and effort to get very positive results. Dedication can hide the fact that you are a beginner and hence you need to put time and effort and update the posts regular basis. No matter how little experience you have, you can make your blogs successful with dedication.

I believe that the above four prerequisites are the basic needs for a blogger. Now its the time to start your own blog.

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