Blogging As Source Of Income

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 06, 2011
Blogging has been a passion and a topic of interest for most of the bloggers who are really active on blogging since years. But maximum percentage of them can't make money from their blogs due to lack of experience or not capable to produce a content which readers want or due to some drawbacks in SEO tricks . But some of them are really doing a great job and making thousands of $s in a day or month or a year depending on their performance on topic selection, writing capabilities and promotion of their blogs.

Blogging As Source Of Income

There are a lot of reasons why people do start a blog. Among all of the reasons below points can be  taken as most of the bloggers' interest for blogging:

1. Passion And Self Expression :  'Passion' is the first thing which can be considered as the 'why' factor for blogging. People have passion in different fields and different topics and they like to share their views. They just open an account with blogging platform and pen down with their favorite topics.

2. Business Promotion : Small, medium or big companies are promoting their business, products or services through blogging via a blog or a website. They realize the niche in midst of the huge readers and accordingly they do target the readers to whom they can pass their new product or service information or offers and changes made by companies. This is the easiest way to reach people for promoting the business.

3. Networking : Sometimes bloggers form connected social networks can share their posts containing good content and latest updates in various niches according to the readers' interests. They can get connected and share knowledge and time. Business also required close networking. Hence some people take advantages being in the network so that in future if needed they can start business.

4. Recognition And Fame : Once a blogger is recognized, they pretend to be a well known name in the world of blogging. They write in various topics to keep the blog visitors enraged to the blogs and about them as ‘the blogger’. With time gradually by their recognition, they get fame as well and later on becomes a celebrity.

5. Just For Fun : There are certain percentage of bloggers who write on random stuffs whatever comes to their minds without caring who is following/reading it or not. They keep blogging just they love to write. They consider it as entertaining thing in their life. We can say that they write  just for fun.

6. Source Of Income : This is the main topic for which the article is. The large number of bloggers tend towards making money with their blogs. They can make money by putting ads in their posts which helps to monetize, which in turn good for the blogger and as well as the advertiser. So blogging has been taken as a money making media where bloggers think and post such contents which will make money and will also help affiliates to sell their product and services. Nowadays a lot of established professionals are leaving MNC and switching to blogging career.

Blogging as an income source is likely to disappoint the determined writers in initial days. However, there are many opportunities of earning from the blog itself that can enhance a bloggers income potential. Writing blogs is easy job but the blogs that are well thought over, contain good content raise its viewers automatically. Always keep in mind to avoid some of the common blog pitfalls (e.g., not writing regularly, poor grammar, etc.) can do well over time. 

Keep blogging :)

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