Pro-Bloggers & Pre-Bloggers

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 08, 2011
Bloggers are known for their contents and niche of the topic. According to the use of the content writing style and experience, bloggers can be categorized into two groups – Pro-Bloggers & Pre-Bloggers. There is a basic difference between Pro-Bloggers and Pre-Bloggers. Let’s start with the definitions first :

Pre-Blogger: People who are thinking of starting up a blog and trying to understand what is involved in it.

Pro-Blogger: People who have one or more published blogs and bringing in a significant income.
Pro-Bloggers & Pre-Bloggers
We would like to characterize the Pre-Blogger as standing beside the road wondering about learning bike riding. By comparison a Pro-Blogger is riding the bike on road but not falling down from it.

Unfortunately, the Pre-Blogger may have to fall down from bike and got hurt and slowly they can learn and become the Pro-Blogger. So there is nothing to say pro-bloggers as "pro-bloggers were also pre-bloggers once". Lets talk about pre-blogger.

Pre-Blogger should always keep the following things in mind:
  • Have patience as it takes time to get readers for your blog. 
  • Setup your blog and domain with a good name which suits your site contents. 
  • Focus on good content and use simple and understandable language. 
  • Make sure that search Engines & directory can find your blog quickly 
  • See the web statistics and monitor traffic for your domain 
  • Post, post, post with short posts, and ping each time. This will generate a small amount of traffic each time you post. 
  • Write occasional some techno based articles. A good target is one per week. 
  • Think carefully about tags you wish to use. Spend time looking for the popular tags those others in your niche, and adjacent niches. 
  • Look for queries from your blog readers that you can respond to quickly with a unique contribution. Find a way to get that unique contribution into the general blogosphere. That article will become a reference source in itself, and generate links and traffic over time. 
  • Keep a list of topics for the future, and a number of posts that are “ready to go”. 
There is experience available from successful bloggers (pro-bloggers), and most of them are willing to give advice. If you have done with the all above things properly then it’s time to see the result. Most of the well known bloggers were established professional in IT world and they left job at MNC and became successful blogger.

Richard Goodwin from has writen an awesome post on How To Start A Wordpress Blog Online Step By Step Guide (With Pictures) where you will find the steps from acquiring a domain to hosting your blog on WordPress.
Enjoy blogging for the pleasure of writing new things by thinking and visualizing. Once you start blogging then you will get readers gradually and even pro-bloggers will be reading your blog  if you are posting unique and quality contents regularly.

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