Blogging Or Job At MNC

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 08, 2011
We have posted in our previous article that blogging can be our source of income. A lot of webmasters now have made blogging as bread and butter. Now the question is how can we make it as our profession. Recently I have come across a big number of bloggers who blog just for money; they are live on blogging not only for passion, interest, fun but for source of income also.
Blogging Or Job At MNC

As we know that it is not an illegal professional so why not blogging? Why we very often get stuck in this profession. Yes! This question bothered me for sometimes but now I got some good answers. The answer is pretty simple : We don’t get stuck. Our will is reserved only for service. That’s why. Successful bloggers are generating dollars on their blogs by understanding the money making strategy. It’s is undoubtedly the new trend of money venturing in the web world. It is the simplest media by which we can work in our niche and reach our target customers by promoting products or services.

Blogging is an opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur because  we express our thoughts, interest, lifestyle, and opinion online without restriction and censorship. We can use blogs to generate revenues while we utilize all the information of Inter webs and as we write every thought we have in mind.
On the other hand, once you completed your graduation/engineering either looking for jobs at MNCs or doing MBA. Even after doing MBA, your will be searching for a good opportunity with big MNCs. But have you ever thought about making your own company? Yes! Blogging is like your own company. In MNCs, everything is tracked as when you come and when you leave. You need to report to any manager or need no permission to do anything. If you are going for leave, you have to apply in advance and according to availability you get it. So taking leave creates tension as you never understand the approval status for it. Just taking a cup of coffee and working doesn't make you happy in life. In MNCs, the income is fixed for a month depending upon the CTC.

But blogging breaks all barriers like if you want to earn more you need to work hard and blog more keeping your concentration of mind on your niche. Its like 365 days flexible job. No application for leave. In MNCs, we are like robots and run by the company itself. If you want some more from life you have to give some more to your life. Working for different companies has made us pay-contractor. We know the timing and a portion of work.  We come to office, stay at office and leave office on time.

But have you ever realized the closed system with a job at MNCs? Hopefully now you will start thinking. And now you may start your blog and start working 24/7 for your blog  whenever possible.

Now its your turn to decide to blog first or else job at MNC.

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