How To Add Subscribe Button To Your Facebook Profile

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 16, 2011
All of us have Facebook profiles and some of us have Facebook Profile Pages too for promoting our business or some cause and events. So we need to do a customization for this so that people can subscribe our pages whenever they want and without being friend. They can get the subscribe option on my profile page. 

Whatever I share something on my personal page that is related my pictures my present status updates and anyone from my friend circle may not like that too.

We normally post updates on our personal profile page everyday that might be of interest to the friends directly connected to us and in the other case, we will be happier much more if people who are not connected to us directly on Facebook but can read, view or comment on them. So we will provide you some tips on how can we do that without making your profile public.

Allow strangers to follow you on Facebook

Recently, Facebook has added an option to profile pages that will let people “subscribe” to your profile just like the 'follow' in the twitter. So here, when you will post something on your page then your subscribers will be getting the update as they have already subscribed your page.

Here are the features of Facebook Subscribe:

We can consider as f-like to a post with subscribe to a page for better understanding. Here the difference is that when you like a Facebook page you will get update each time but here you only get public updates from that Facebook profile if subscribed. You can subscribe to our public Facebook updates at

Facebook subscribe feature

How to add the Subscribe button to Facebook Profile

Here we go starting and exploring the subscribe option. Click here to know about the option. We would like to cross check before making this public as people out of your friend circle also can subscribe the page. Hence please make sure whatever posts you are sharing to web.

Facebook profile subscribe

Here are some simple steps:

1. Go your Facebook profile page, 
2. Click on the “View As” button a
3. Click the “public” link to see what updates in your profile are public. 

Here we have done. You can have unlimited subscribers to your profile page but you can subscribe to a limit of 5,000 profiles maximum.

Courtesy :  Facebook Subscribe E-Book (for the Profile snap and the feature snaps)

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