How To Avoid SEO Mistakes Resulting Google Penalty

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 17, 2011
A lot of trick and exercises are there to get a better rank in the search engines using keywords, links and techniques to position your blog’s ranking in Google and other search engines. Moreover some techniques are there which lead you to penalty from Google. Even following some techniques can get your blog eliminated from Google search engine. So if you want to make your blog a hit then you need to work hard on your blog and always write own content.

SEO Mistakes Resulting Google Penalty
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Here we have summarized 6 mistakes resulting penalty and suggested some recommendations :

1. Never pay for text links for your blog

In Google's point of view, paying for text link advertising is a way to artificially gaining page hits with higher rank in search engine rankings. If you are observed that you are paying for text links for your blog the it might be possible that your blog may be eliminated from Google search, and there will be no point of page rank.
Stop link buying
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2. Punish both the sites who offers and who publishes

In this case, Google punishes both the sites, the site that offers the paid text links and the site that publishes paid text links. Google eliminates its pages from its search engines for both sites which lead to totally loosing the web platform.

3. Try to avoid over mentioning keyword stuff in posts
Keyword stuffing is a technique in which bloggers overuse strong keywords in web pages for the purpose of getting better rank in search engines. In some websites we could find some unnecessarily added long list of keywords on the top or at the bottom of a Web page, which in fact never link to any page.

4. Always avoid hiding keywords inside post

Never hide keywords by writing in a very small font or a background matching color so that it won't be seen as they are almost matched to your blog’s background. Google searches for these kind of sites which do this and considers them doing spam, which lead to total blocking of your site with no page rank and no page found message in search result.

5. Keep writing original content and never copy others

This is the most important thing that you should follow. Never copy any content from any website, blog, and republish it in your own blog. In this way you are simply scraping content. Sometimes when required, it’s okay to copy a quote or small section of content from another site, where you should give credit to that site. But you should never copy the entire content and republish it on your site as your own content.

Valuable and original content
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  • Some bloggers give permission to copy but you should always give credit to them so in these kind of cases if you copy without informing them, it will be considered as illegal as you are copying without their permission.
  • Google always considers the site who publishes the content first. So later on if some other sites are found copying the same content then Google might penalize those sites.
6. Never publish content with a lot of links

Links are required in post body to redirect to some linked articles but your entire content should not be full with links. As this practice will be considered as spam because in this case your site contents is lesser than your links and where the links are solely for advertisements.

Well. These are the common mistakes in SEO that most of the bloggers do. Hence we would like to request them to keep on eye on the above mentioned points.

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