How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Posted By: Poketors - September 13, 2011
Most of the bloggers have a very common complaint about blogging that they get low incoming traffic to their blogs. If you are a new entrant to this field and looking for good page views and also aimed to get indexed in search engines, can follow few steps and focus on some tips which will definitely bring up your number of blog visitors.  For those budding bloggers, we have figured out some tips which will be helpful to increase traffic.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic
Here we go with fantastic 4 tips on how to take your blog’s traffic up with only few hours of dedicated working per day.

1. Production Of Content :

Try to spend an hour each day dedicated to thinking new ideas for content and writing well formatted posts that are designed specifically to attract visitors resulting increase in blog’s traffic. These posts are generally known as linkbait and pillar articles. Here are some examples include writing how-to blogs, lists, step-by-step guides, tutorials, analyses, etc. Make ensure that the content you are writing has significant value to the readers and create some interesting topic that they will feel the urge to bookmark and share with others.

We recommend to produce one or two posts with some interesting topics per week in order to boost your blog's views.

2. Guest Blogging :

It is definitely one of the most successful methods to increase your blog’s traffic. As you have already a good amount of blog contents, so now you should begin to link up and target the visitors of other blogs in your niche. It allows you to get familiar with other bloggers and make a good relationships with them. In this way you are attracting the readers from their blogs to your blogs too and also it is useful to gain backlinks from other websites. Gradually you can create a name for yourself and your brand blog. To write for other blogs will bring you success for your own blog.

Guest blogging is a surely a successful method and you can ask other bloggers to write content that you would like to see on your blog. So spend an hour in writing for other blogs. But you should check your guest posts whether the posts are structured, valuable, quality articles.

3. Spread Networks :

As you can write to other blogs and also you are welcoming other bloggers to write for your own blog. In this way the other bloggers will be interested in your blog and you will get some valuable content within your niche. If you want to increase your blog’s traffic, leave comments regularly on other blogs in your niche, get links to the posts that other bloggers write, respond to the comment on your posts, and interact with other bloggers and webmasters via social media like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg and so on. This will lead your interaction a better level and you can form a good blogger community.
Spend an hour everyday and start to develop genuine friendships with other bloggers too by making them as dedicated readers of your blog. When you begin to link to other sites in your niche, a lot of bloggers will do the favor in return.

You should be humble, polite and friendly. You can reach out when you can help a blogger in need, never hesitate to offer advice/help, and offer favors whenever you can. If you are good in the world of business, it means you are learning from others and gaining your own experience which will be helpful in your blog too. 

4. Promotion Of Blog Actively :

After publishing some good quality article, also done some guest posts with actively presence on various networking sites and communities, now it’s time to praise the effort and the dedicated hard work and direct them to the right direction. Keep submitting your content to various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and request friends for 'likes' if the content is really good one. Publicize the content to others in your network so that the blog may be valuable to them, and side by side post in online forums and groups. Always put some links to the guest posts you have already written within your own blog to increase the traffic and quality of your content on other blogger's sites.

Never ask for links. If the published content is really worthy, then viewers are bound to view you post.

Hope the topic will boost up your blog’s traffic. So you have spent only 4 hours a day and made some valuable write-ups. Keep blogging and earning more.

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