How To Backup Your Files With Dropbox Automatically

Posted By: Poketors - November 10, 2011
Dropbox has been a great help to store files very efficiently. Normally the account for Dropbox offers 2 GB of free online storage space which can be increased by using social networks and by referral service of Dropbox i.e. inviting friends who are not using Dropbox.

How To Backup Your Files With Dropbox Automatically
The Dropbox can't store your entire hard disk content but it can store your essential documents, photos, files, codes etc.

How to use Dropbox for backup of files

It is very much easy to backup your files to Dropbox. But before sending to cloud the files need to be stored inside the Dropbox folder. Once the files are stored inside the folder then they are ready to be transferred to cloud. 

There are some tools which can be used to sync and from those applications Microsoft SyncToy is a popular and free application that keeps files and folders in sync with each other. The files under Dropbox folder and the uploaded ones should be on sync. One of the mostly used tool is SyncToy.

Now below are the steps by step process to Backup with Dropbox :

1. Open SyncToy and create a new folder pair. After creating the pair, set the action as ‘synchronize.’

2. Need to follow the same step 1 for every folder in case you want to back up using Dropbox.

3. Now go to Windows Run box and run taskschd.msc. It will start Task Scheduler.

4.  In Task Scheduler, you can create a basic task and give it a name like ‘Backup’. Now set as Daily (run backup once per day) and choose a time when you want to take backup. It will be the time when you are little bit free or you are having lunch.

5. Within Action you need to choose “Start a Program” and set the program name as SyncToyCmd.exe. If you want to pass arguments then use “-R” without quotes and save the task.

We are done. SyncToy will trigger everyday at the set time and will put all the new and updated files into Dropbox. Then Dropbox will automatically copy your files which are into Dropbox to the cloud. And now you can access your data from anywhere and anytime.

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