How To Access All Online Cloud Storage With Android Gadgets From One Place

Posted By: Poketors - December 09, 2011
We can find a lot of online cloud storage services over net. You might be using one out of hundreds of services available on web but there is a big question which may be asked is "how do you manage all those online cloud storage accounts simultaneously?". So the simple answer to this is "Yes, it is difficult to manage and access all those cloud storage accounts and data stored in them". In fact, while you are accessing  and managing data from your computer then it might be an easy task but it’s really hard to manage all those accounts and data when you want to access all that via your Android and iOS gadgets.

How To Access All Online Cloud Storage With Android Gadgets From One Place
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With the help of ZeroPC you can minimize your effort in this. It is a cloud based application which can be used to manage all your online cloud storage accounts with a single login and that too from one place. This service has been recently launched and this Android app which lets you access all the cloud services and data stored has been recognized a very efficient way to preserve and access your data from anywhere.

About ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD :

 It is basically an iOS and an Android app for Android Gadgets and the supportability is for  Android OS v3.0 and above and iOS4 and above. It facilitates the users to connect all their cloud services they are using. Once connected, users can transfer data from one to another in case it is required. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD supports all popular cloud services including Dropbox, Google Docs, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Evernote,, Instagram and SugaSync etc.

Here are some features of ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD :

1. Access all your data stored on multiple cloud storage services simultaneously.

2. Search data stored within their multiple cloud storage accounts and even stored on their friends cloud storage accounts. But this is possible only when it is in their share folder.

3. Experience secure transfer of data, as ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD uses encrypted token-based security technique called “Oauth”. Oauth is popularly used in banks and educational institutions.

4. Access, browse, search data stored on cloud storage services even on the local hard disk.
The following video will show you how this service works :

Android & iOS Apps are available for installation on your gadgets, please check the links below :

For Android  – ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD [Google Play Store]
For iOS - ZeroPC Cloud Navigator [Apple iTunes]

Update : Visit ZeroPC website for other platforms too 

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