How To Disable Photo Tags In Facebook

Posted By: Poketors - December 10, 2011
One of the most irritating feature in Facebook is Photo Tags. You are tagged without your concern and where you never wanted to be tagged. 

All the tagged photos always appear on your timeline as well as they appear on your friend`s Timeline too the same one in which you are tagged.

Not only that, when somebody comments on the tagged photo; immediately you will also receive notifications.

So sometimes it really needs to get disabled Facebook Photo Tag Spamming.

Way 1 : Tag Review : As its name suggest is the one way to disable Facebook Photo Tags. If you enable it you will be notified of the photo tags which you have to manually approve or disapprove before they are made visible onto your Timeline.

How To Disable Photo Tags in Facebook

Steps to enable Tag Review.

1. Click on the arrow over to the top right beside the Home Button.
2. Move on to Privacy Settings.
3. Click on Custom and Edit the settings related to How Tags Work.

                          How tag works

As shown in the above figure these five options will appear. Click on the arrow to the second option to enable the Tag Review.

                         Tag review
Once enabled, you will receive notifications whenever you are tagged by another user in a photo.
Way 2 : Maximum Timeline Visibility : There is another way to disable Facebook photo tags is the Maximum Timeline Visibility which determines the visibility of the tagged photo on to your Timeline.
Simple to enable this one. Just click on Public, select Custom and set it accordingly. If you select "Only Me" then this would be visible to you only.

Facebook custom privacy

Way 3: Tag Suggestions : If you do not want to be tagged at all then best idea is to switch off the Tag Suggestions (Option # 4 in How tags work list). Once you disable it, then your friends will never find you in the photo tagging suggestion list. Now you can save yourself from the Facebook Photo Tagging.

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