How To Save Files To Cloud Services From Your Web Browser

Posted By: Poketors - December 11, 2011
We know the normal way to save files to cloud services or download from there. But how it would be if you can save files to multiple cloud services directly from the web browser. Yes, it is possible via an extension which can be installed to your web browser. By using this you don't need to download the file to your local disk and then upload it to the cloud storage service. Instead of doing this you can now directly save the file to multiple cloud storage.  In this way you can save a huge amount of internet bandwidth in downloading/uploading the files.

How To Save Files To Cloud Services From Your Web Browser
Image Credit : Chrome

Cloud Save - This is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to save files to multiple cloud storage services.

Some features of Google Chrome Extension are described below :

1. You can save any file format to the cloud storage service. Be it text, audio, video, documents or any other file format provided that it is the direct link to access that file.

2. You can upload images to your Picasa, Flickr web albums and lots of such online image storing and sharing services.

3. As Cloud Save supports multiple cloud storage services including Dropbox, SugarSync, Amazon Cloud,, SkyDrive and much more services so it enhances the support-ability with different cloud storage services. See the picture above.

How do you use it?

Follow the below simple steps to use it.

1. First you need to visit Google Chrome Web Store and install Cloud Save. (Click here)

2. Click on Cloud Save from the right click menu, and choose the desired cloud storage service where you want to save the file.

3. Allow access to the service to save the file. Make sure to access the file via the direct link.

Drag2up : Mozilla Firefox users can enjoy this service using this Add-on - Drag2up. (Click here)

You can save files to your cloud storage services from your web browser similarly what we found in Chrome.

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