Acer Announced AcerCloud - A Free Cloud Service

Posted By: Poketors - January 11, 2012
One more anytime anywhere web cloud service AcerCloud is going to be launched soon. This service will serve like other cloud services and can retrieve multimedia and data files anytime, even when their main PC is not at all connected to the cloud server. People can avail these features and their information is stored and transferred securely via strong encryption and authentication. Acer is going to provide AcerCloud service with it's available consumer PC.
Acer Announced AcerCloud - A Free Cloud Service
Image Credit : Acer
Acer has enabled devices to communicate, simplifying the process of content sharing with ease. The number of smart digital devices are growing rapidly and obviously users need to share and back up their multimedia and data files in a simple and easy way.

AcerCloud does it very effectively make photos in mobile/gadgets and you can view them from anywhere without the delay and complication. You have the option to purchase a movie and then watch it on a tablet or in any gadgets. Acer Always Connect technology uses Wi-Fi so media can be retrieved via a mobile device. AcerCloud uses local and cloud storage together so all data is always available anytime and from anywhere.

The following are some other features of AcerCloud :

1. PicStream : You can take snapshots on mobile and back them up on the PC or laptop and share them efficiently with other smart devices. You can also stream photos via in the Cloud to PCs and other devices. All the photos are backed up permanently on their PC, and temporarily accessible for 30 days in their personal cloud and on other devices.

2. AcerCloud Docs : You can put into the personal cloud and streamed to other devices. TWith the service you can then go to your meeting with your notebook or tablets and have immediate access to all the updated/uploaded files. In this case the files will be temporarily accessible for 30 days in the personal cloud and on the devices.

3. Media : The unique Media application of Acer has a lot of features which include - access all their multimedia at any time. Youcan use to connect to the personal cloud and stream live, or download and see content offline too. Acer has come up with these easy, wonderful and free cloud media service.

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