Classpad Launched Tablet To Compete With Aakash

Posted By: Poketors - January 03, 2012
It has just got started the trend of getting low priced Android Tablets in India. We are very much aware of the release of Aakash Tablet and Ubislate 7+ which are releasing at end of January. A very new face Classteacher Learning Systems, a Delhi-based education solution provider has come up with a new tablet and they named it as "Classpad". The device has over 30000 educational applications covering ICSE, CBSE and a few State Boards Syllabi.

Classpad Launched Tablet To Compete With Aakash
Aakash Tablet Website 
The Classpad comes in the range of Rs 7,500-14,000. It has three models : Classpad 7, Classpad 8 and Classpad 10.

This tablet claims to have more than 6 hours of battery life which means better than any low-priced android tablets available in the market now. This will be available for public in 2012 only and also will be available online. It may threaten Government’s Aakash tablet which has only one and half hours of battery life.

It seems that they have considered to get a developed version of the Aakash tablet and they included such features like : 

1. Touch screen, 
2. Better battery life, 
3. Speed of 1.3 Ghz processing and 
4. A built-in memory of 4 Gb and it can also be expandable to 8 Gb. 

Classpad is also equipped with artificial intelligence and is built on the Android platform.

The officials of Classteacher Learning Systems plans to take the device to the market through two business routes: 

1. Trolley model and 
2. ‘One Tablet Per Child’ (OTPC) model.

Here in  the Trolley model, the device can be used on a shared manner by paying Rs 100 per child, whereas in OTPC model, the parents have to pay for the device. Seeing the price and the features of the device, it can be assumed that it will create some noise in the Android India market. But one thing is clear that it is costlier than Aakash tablets series which is available within the range of Rs 2,499 to Rs. 2,999.

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