How To Disable Facebook Timeline

Posted By: Poketors - January 29, 2012
You might have thought of getting your old Facebook profile back, which has changed the way you see your profile on Facebook. In fact a lot of people want the way to get back to older profile. Here we will be discussing about the way to go to older Facebook profile. The limitation of this trick is that it is only a browser based solution. Actually it will not affect your profile because your timeline would not actually change but you will see your older profile on your browser only for your convenience.

How To Disable Facebook Timeline

How to disable Timeline in Internet Explorer:

Facebook timeline does not support on older web browsers, so you can switch to the older web browser ex: IE6. It will not show the new timeline profile.

How to disable Timeline in Mozilla Firefox:

Follow these simple steps to disable Timeline:
1. Go to the addon screen and search for “USER AGENT SWITCHER” which can also be found on the link:
2. Install this addOn and restart the browser.
3. Once installation is done please check User Agent Switcher button is available in Navigation bar, if not
4. Right Click on the Navigation bar and Click customize and drag & drop the User Agent Switcher add-on to the Navigation bar.
5. Now click the User Agent Switcher Button in the Navigation bar and Choose INTERNET EXPLORER 

Here we have done with the trick. You will not see your Timeline profile on Facebook after these modifications are over.

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