Opera Mini 7 for Android Released

Posted By: Poketors - March 29, 2012
Web browsers are used according to the region and the OS platforms. Along with IE, Chrome, Firefox now Opera Mini web browser version 7 for Android is released today, it is available in the Google Play store. 160 million users or more are using Opera Mini all over the world. This version 7 is really very fast and provides speedy browsing resulting visiting sites smoother. Newly added OpenGLES hardware acceleration has evolved this newly version release. The number of Speed Dial buttons on the browser home screen is now unlimited and thats the best part of this version.

Opera Mini 7 for Android Released

The browser now has the Exit button, the absence of which has been annoying me. Opera Mini reduces data costs by up to 90% with a unique compression technology.

Opera Mini 7 now provides better Tab management. The browser now provides user interface for searching for text within a page (Find-in-page UI). The latest version supports RTL (right-to-left) text support in UI for Arabic and Hebrew.

You may also check out Opera Mobile, the premium experience when on Wi-Fi or wireless broadband. Wondering what is the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile?

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