fPrivacy – Use Facebook Without Disclosing Your Personal Info

Posted By: Poketors - April 21, 2012
Here is a new Facebook apps which enables you to maintain your privacy measures i.e. your personal details. If you use your Facebook profile very frequently then a Google Chrome Extension is highly recommended as a Facebook security shield for you and yeah that goes to all those virtual farmers (Farm-ville) and even those dreadful Mafias (yeah you are not safe too). If this Facebook Apps is there then no need for those Facebook users to compromise their Facebook accounts, where few of them were not able to recover it too. It might be hacked.

fPrivacy – Use Facebook Without Disclosing Your Personal Info

What are the Personal Information you can share with Facebook Apps: 

  • The mainly Apps are Name, Profile Picture, Gender, Networks, User ID, List of Friends, and any other information I’ve made public. And you never know, where these Facebook App Developer are using your information and don’t ask the purpose now. Birthday and Current City. 
  • Facebook Apps can mail you directly, one more notification to your inbox. Not to mention, what they can actually do with your email IDs in hands. 
  • Facebook Apps can post on your wall without your permission. 
So you are sharing all the above information, it’s like the user is sharing his/her Facebook profile/account with them. Here you are not sharing the Facebook profile information, they are forcing you to do so, otherwise they won’t let you chop fruits (talking about Fruit Ninja Frenzy, you fool). This is the way you share all these info.

So you have to stop them and you should. You should protect your personal information on social networks.

How can we stop sharing all the info stated above in Facebook:

fPrivacyGoogle Chrome Extension Stop Sharing Your Personal Information With Facebook Apps 

fPrivacy is a Google Chrome Extension which acts as a Facebook security shield using which, you can stop Facebook Apps to use your personal information.

Whenever you are out to act all Ninja, wanna chop fruits, or about to conquer the world, being a Mafia of your tribe, select the information you want to compromise with the Facebook Apps. My recommendation – share the minimum personal information with them.

Who are using this Google Chrome Extension, will be first prompted before using the Facebook to select the personal information they want to share. Click on Update and there you are an unknown fruit chopper, with the bare minimum information being compromised. 

Find the below example which will tell you how this works. Below are the two images which depicts the personal information being shared with Facebook Apps without the use of fPrivacy and later is the one where the user is using one. Makes sense. Isn’t it?


When you don't use fPrivacy Google Chrome Extension

When you Use the fPrivacy Google Chrome Extension

Here we have learnt that how you can protect your information from being shared and compromised with the Facebook Apps. Now it's your turn to try for it and go ahead.

Reference : Google Chrome Extension – fPrivacy

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