Social Computing Microsoft Cloud 2.0

Posted By: Poketors - April 28, 2012
As per the title and the whole idea of this site in general is that it maps vendor technologies to best practice programs. In this case how Microsoft offers tools for implementing Cloud 2.0.

FAST Social Computing

Using Microsoft for this type of Enterprise 2.0 working mode, is what they refer to as 'Social Computing'.
In their white paper People working together (13-page PDF) Microsoft describe how their ‘Information Worker’ product set (Office, Sharepoint, Unified Comms etc.) is ideal for what can be referred to as `Knowledge Process Management`.

In the case of they`ve bought companies like Chatter, Rypple and Radian6 to add a `social layer` to their core CRM platform, so it will be a pound for pound comparison of these two main areas. With Microsoft the other main technology that will be incorporated comes from their 2008 acquisition of FAST, the enterprise search engine software start-up.

Hence the title, not only is social media intended to be quick and lightweight, but literally the inclusion of the FAST product is what makes the formula really successful. So I`ll mainly be focusing on what FAST can do and how it augments social media working practices.

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