YouTube for Students & Teachers - SchoolTube

Posted By: Poketors - April 11, 2012
Sharing video content is an essential component of social media and more than often a key factor in assembling an award winning content strategy. Since YouTube paved the way for a public domain where a user can upload a video within seconds from their phone, it’s been tough to compete and stay relevant in such a vast space. This doesn't stop the content from pouring in. People share opinions from their desks, well thought out productions, and just short clips of viral incidents.

YouTube for Students & Teachers - SchoolTube

Other times off of YouTube there are well thought out programs targeted towards specific communities. For these programs, YouTube acts as a double-edged sword. In one hand you have the maximum level of exposure possible in the online video platform, but you’re competing against quality content and could easily dwindle into oblivion. With a secure content strategy in mind, SchoolTube addressed this by creating their own private community sharing video content between students, teachers, and schools digitally. allows students and teachers to showcase their video content and multimedia in a better way than just sitting back and digesting lesson plans. Some of their video content is clearly for fun while the majority of it is educational. There are videos for teachers specifically and then others for students. That’s good considering teachers like videos too. Why wouldn’t they? And I’m sure both them and the students now have a reason to finally get down to business and jump off of cat videos on YouTube.

Students & Teachers - SchoolTube

The company has partnered with numerous educational groups to ensure the content they are distributing has adequate resources, is factually accurate, and well moderated. SchoolTube is doing a great job in establishing a community for online education, but that can open up quite a can of worms if for social media villains who would want to ruin a good time. Fortunately SchoolTube is on top of that.

Setting up private communities within the video space is something that has been done before, but to do so for the benefit of education is unique for two reasons: The difference between content for students vs. teachers / The fact that there is no universal curriculum or universal learning level and that the content acts as a complimentary resource rather than a main one. SchoolTube is a social marvel for not trying to be something it isn’t – a teacher, rather than a resource for those teachers who wish to offer students a social media benefit. And for the students who digest the content on their own, SchoolTube offers them something students never expect – a head start.

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