Building Brand Advocates [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 30, 2012
Brand advocates are consumers and business buyers, usually with a large online network, who frequently recommend brands, products and services without any expectation of compensation. They are a virtual referral and sales force, creating positive testimonials and all-star ratings for brands on online review sites. They share your brand’s content and offers, assist other customers with questions and problems, and loyally defend your brand against detractors.

Building Brand Advocates [Infographic]

In a worldwide Nielsen survey, 92% of online consumers said they completely trust or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know and 70% said the same of consumer opinions posted online. Brand advocates are an invaluable resource both on and offline. So how do you create more of them and continue to engage your current power advocates? This infographic from Parature offers some constructive advice:

Source : Parature

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