Digital Acquisitions & Mergers Between Most Prominent Businesses [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - November 18, 2012
A lot of acquisitions have been going on since years and gradually they merged business processes and been on track of business strategy. Is it a matter of looking within your marketplace, identifying potential disruptions to your business and then looking to find a solution that will avert that pending collision? Or rather broadening the search beyond traditional areas of operation, in order to leverage opportunities in new growth areas yet to boom? 

Digital Acquisitions & Mergers Between Most Prominent Businesses [Infographic]

Whether an acquisition occurs, no doubt businesses that keep aware of these opportunities will be better poised to respond if and when their industry is disrupted. The following infographic provides some interesting insights about digital acquisitions between some of the most prominent businesses in the world and why they think these alliances will work.

The 10 Biggest Tech Acquisitions of All Time (Infographic)

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