Who Is Tracking You Online [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - January 19, 2013
Online privacy is a hot-button issue, but like many issues facing the younger generation the current political elite tend to ignore. My state representative and head of The House Science, Space and Technology Committee, Lamar Smith, has a lot of decision making power over the internet and has proposed the privacy killing bill SOPA along with a staunch anti-web voting record.

Who Is Tracking You Online [Infographic]

Online tracking is done almost entirely by cookies and beacons. These two items allow third-party companies to track which parts of a web page the user has visited, potentially identifying information held in the URL of the page the computer is visiting, such as an email address.

The older generation needs to realize that the internet isn't going anywhere, and protecting its natural state is incredibly important. Here is a nice infographic published by Abine, which explains precisely how the tracking is done online.

Who Is Tracking You Online
Source : Abine

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