List of Top Android Strategy Games 2103

Posted By: Poketors - May 28, 2013
Android becomes a sea of apps whose size is increasing day by day.Android operating system have so many strategy games.But the problem is selecting top android strategy games from this huge pool of apps.Here we are going to share Top Android strategy games for 2103.

1. Plant vs Zombies :

This game topped the list of top android strategy games 2103. Plants vs Zombies game is almost liked by everyone.This game needs your best strategy to defend your home from zombies.

Android Strategy Games - Plant vs ZombiesYou have a pool of 49 special plants to kill as many as 26 different types of zombies. Don’t let zombies reach your door for eating your brain . Otherwise you will lose!
Download game from here: Download Plant vs Zombies

2. Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD :

This is again a tower defense game.It worked out your mind very fast.You lead the attack here and hve to destroy your enemy’s towers and turrets.This is also a most liked android strategy games.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth HDThis game have some complex scenario .Slightly heavyweight but the graphics of this game are outstanding.You must gonna like it.
Download game from here: Download Warzone Earth HD

3. Jelly Defense :

This is a strategy as well as tower defense game. It comes at the second no. in our list of top android strategy games . Your task is join the Jelly forces in game . Lead them to the victory in the fight against relentless waves of enemies.

Jelly DefenseSpecial about this game, the game has a quirky style that makes the art and level design really stand out.
Download game from here: Download Jelly Defense

4. Farm Frenzy 3 :

This game comes in 4th position in our list of top android strategy games. Based on the simple theme, this game have funny graphics. While playing the game you may really start thinking of moving by and by to a village nearby. You have lots of mini-missions: feed chickens, collect eggs, stock up your warehouse and ship your goods off to markets. this game provides 72 levels to complete.

Farm Frenzy 3

So, fast!!you have to go long. 72 Levels. complete the game.
Download from here : Download Farm Frenzy 3

5. Anthill :

This is a quite new game but make a position in our list of top android strategy games.It represents a very original and colorful game for Android devices from a genre of strategy in real time.By drawing pheromone trails, you direct your ground forces to different destinations, working with streams of units rather than individuals.


This game reviews are very good. Average rating goes to 4.6/5. You can imagine now, how this game able to come in our list.

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