Verizon Introduces the Droid Series 2013

Posted By: Poketors - July 24, 2013
Verizon has introduced it's new Motorola Droid series in US the first Motorola Droids of 2013. Looks are really awesome with thin bodies, new designs.

1. Droid Ultra : Built with a Kevlar body and 3D design, it's the thinnest smartphone available. 
2. Droid MAXX : Built of Kevlar and 9-percent thinner than last year's model yet still delivers 48- hours of battery life (up from last years 32 hours).
3 . Droid Mini : Offers the same great software in a more compact size.

Verizon Introduces the Droid Series 2013
All three phones offer some interesting software enhancements, including an Active Display that keeps notifications on the screen without turning everything on, Quickcapture to take fast pictures, Droid Zap -- share photos with anyone within 300 feet of you with a two-finger gesture, and the Droid Command center for Miracast support.

Pricing is as follows: The Mini checks in at $99, the Ultra at $199, and the MAXX at $299. These prices are with a new agreement, of course. The devices will be available on August 20, and pre-orders can be available at

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