Google Introduces Google Helpouts: A Virtual Marketplace

Posted By: Poketors - August 29, 2013
Last month, Google announced that they are going to introduce a new tool called Helpouts. This is basically a virtual market place where you can sell your services through live video streaming.  It emphasizes the way to connect with people and would be great opportunity for business owners.  

Selling products or services over live video will attract more users and business persons. But for some people who don't belong to normal niches and they might be interested into real time business, Google has some other offers with Helpouts for them. Along with Amazon and eBay, Google will have also a market place which is little bit different than the real - a virtual one. Google's most promising offer is live commerce or real time commerce on their cloud services.

Image Screenshot : Google Helpouts Welcome Page
Google offers the service through invite only right now, but it’s the perfect time to check out the Helpouts welcome page and decide if your business can benefit when Helpouts is launched and how much effective it could be.

What Is Helpouts ?

Whatever Google has expressed till now we have composed in below points :

  • This tool includes several categories - Computers, Education, Food, Health, Repair etc. Therefor you have an option to create your own Helpouts for customers.
  • Businesses and merchants will be able to connect to their customers through live video at any time depending on the categories.
  • Sellers and companies will be able to create their own profiles, and there will be other features such as scheduling and payment capabilities.
  • Consumers looking to find a business or service can easily find them with efficient discovery process.
How To Join ?
Google Helpouts welcome page says "Helpouts isn't available yet, but we're currently inviting people with expertise across a number of topics to be able to offer Helpouts when we go live — and to make money sharing their skills and knowledge with the world. If you haven't received an invitation, but are interested in Helpouts, tell us. We'll let you know when we're live and accepting more applications to give help."
So you need to click on I'm interested  button and wait for invitation code. Once you receive it then login to Google Helpouts using your credentials .

Screening Background :

Google is working on background screening service called HireRight to screen professionals and verify their legitimacy. For example, "Health" which is one of the major categories, Google is ensuring that healthcare professionals who sign up for Helpouts are genuine and safe for the customers.

How To Use?

Once the Helpouts is launched and you create an account with it then you will be able to communicate with customer directly via the live video service. You must have some creative idea so that you can work on real time business.

But remember few things once you start communicating with customers :

Helping Customer Promptly :

Immediately help your customers when they come to you with some queries. It will allow you to build stronger relationships with customers, because live video will make the process more efficient for them.

Live Demonstration or Presentation :

Arrange a live demonstration or presentation about your product or service where live videos will be encourage your customers to learn more about your business, products and services.

One to One Communication and Customer Satisfaction :

The service will be pure one to one communication and you should promise your customer that they receive a personalized answer to their question or problem, which will help you gain referrals and, above all, a happy customer base.

That's all from our side. Now you have to wait till you open an account on Helpouts which is going be a new mode of communication with customers with making money from various way.

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