How To Be Popular On YouTube

Posted By: Poketors - August 09, 2013
No introduction is needed when it comes to massively popular brand name "YouTube". We do search videos on tutorials, how-to guides, fun clips, entertainment/ movie trailer or full movie and many a times we do share our personal videos where we celebrated birthday or had a rocking party. So we have a tendency to be popular and get noticed online among our friends and acquaintances.
How To Be Popular On YouTube
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How to be popular in YouTube? There are few steps, we named as "fantastic four steps" which will be helpful to get more views, likes, subscribers and obviously get noticed on web. Getting popular in a day is not easy at all; we should have patience and do some really hard work to be more popular gradually over time.

Here we go with the steps :

1. Uploading Videos and Consistency :

Opening an YouTube channel and uploading video is the first step which will bring into notice over YouTube network. Obviously before uploading you should have an interesting topic for the "to be uploaded video". A lot of people upload videos and stay unnoticed because they are not at all consistent and they upload video once in a month or two. As we said earlier getting subscribers is not an easy task and it involves hard work and dedication and obviously consistency where you are supposed to upload videos once in a day or two instead of month. Remember one thing people will subscribe to your channel only if you have decent amount of informative or entertaining videos uploaded over YouTube. Basically you have to be very much consistent in uploading videos and pay attention on the trend how many people are come and watching those videos so that you would have fair idea for future uploads.

2. Labels or Tags

Labels or Tags are most important in search engines because it helps your channel be found while searching with a topic. Label or tag is the "keyword" by which people will search and get the similar topic listed. Suppose a user wants a video on "how to upgrade latest android version in your phone?". Here the main keyword will be "android". You can also add keywords "upgrade" and "phone". This is a simple example which shows adding tags would be helpful. So add more and more tags relevant to you videos.

3. Views, Likes & Subscribers

The reason for your upload is definitely "sharing the videos with viewers". If have to have some fan base so that you can start your sharing video campaign and get encouragement for uploading more. First and foremost, share the videos within your friend circle and if required use some tools to get views and likes resulting more subscribes to your channel.

4.  Quality :

People upload a lot of videos in every minute but how many of them get notices and are able to bag great number of likes and views? Almost very few of them because they don't use good quality video recording camera or equipment to shoot that. Just ask yourself that which one you do prefer a good quality with clarity or a blur/hazy one? You got your answer. Always concentrate on the quality part because viewers will compare your video with others as similar topic may be covered by others too.

As YouTube's tag line says Broadcast Yourself, its simple that you have to broadcaster for yourself.
We have suggested our fantastic four steps and hope it would be helpful to be popular in YouTube.

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