How To Build Organic Backlinks

Posted By: Poketors - August 04, 2013
Organic backlinks are naturally built and there is no manual way to build these kind of links. But yes, you can follow few effective steps which will be helpful in getting backlinks for your blogs over time. It is obvious that writing quality content and sharing it via social media is the best and oldest technique till now. Along with it,  it’s necessary to have some quality backlinks to your website. 

Matt Cutts (Google) has always been talking about link building and getting higher ranks in google search. We have articulated this post with some useful tips.
How To Build Organic Backlinks
What do we mean by "Organic Backlink"?

Organic backlinks are basically the links that are naturally built and can be found via various sources in search result, and those links are built by the readers who found your blog to be useful. But for that, you have to focus on great quality with unique content and spend hours to compose that. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward link to your blog or website from a website or blogs. Backlinks are a very valuable commodity in regards to search engine rankings.

How "Organic Backlink" are built?

This is very commonly asked question in the field of SEO and here are some effective steps :

1. Unique & Quality Content :

If you have good idea on a topic then do a research on that to learn more and try to make an article by your own words. This could be an unique and useful topic in search engines. Publish posts like How-to guides on your blog. This is how unique content can be found in google search and organic backlinks will be automatically linked to your posts gradually.

2. Sharing via Social Media Websites: 

Since years this is the only and easiest way to spread out your blog posts over the net and engage thousands of readers and subscribers to read it and re-share it. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest and many more, which help to distribute articles among the connections we have over social media sites. 

3. Giveaway :

Offering Giveaway to subscribers/readers and getting backlinks is an old but still now powerful strategy. Getting backlinks are time consuming and you have to have patience on that which lead to collect some quality backlinks over time. Of course, it basically depends on the quality and type of Giveaway you are offering ranging from free premium template or a free theme or a free document or sometimes electronic gadgets (in case of technology/gadgets related blogs) then there would be chances for getting links quickly. We can also do creative things and give them away for free to subscribers.

4. Online Communities :

There are plenty of online communities and forum over Internet. Get engage yourself in those sites and  share your contents also your queries and get links to your blog. Post an article or list out some resources, links to the articles on other blogs also helpful. Again it depends on the author of the article and  it is very much necessary to establish good connections with fellow bloggers to promote your blog.

5. Video Sharing :

Sharing over YouTube channels are very much popular nowadays so why not making use of it and make some videos by yourself on any informative topic and share in YouTube. For example, making a video on gadget reviews. Viewers will watch them and gradually it will be shared among several circles increasing your scope to get backlinks.

6. Controversial Topic :

No matter which field you are from but controversies are always helpful to be more popular and known face in media. Either it is Entertainment Industry, Business Tycoons, Sports or even Websites contents, controversies play a big role in promotion of a brand, product or services. But you have to engage yourself in this very safely and have to be in touch with trending topics. Everybody knows that "words have great power" and with a single blog post you can grab the attention of the whole media over the net. But be cautious! Keep playing safe or otherwise you may face some legal issues and get banned on web.

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