How To Keep You Facebook Page Up-to-date

Posted By: Poketors - August 25, 2013
Billions of users create Facebook Page or a fan page and forget to update and apply the latest features. Doing a regular audit to your page would be great so that you can check the page's potential.  Make sure that your page has been updated with the latest opportunities offered by Facebook. You can refer the Facebook Guidelines for new updates. We have mentioned below some of the checks you must review for your Facebook page.

1.  Utilize Cover Image Of Page :

This is the prime location on your page and you can display your web address or contact details as required. There were some restriction for the cover image and Face was very strict on that but now they are allowing us to use text on that but not more than 20% of the total cover image area. You can display important information on cover image for your page's visitors. Find the following image of our Facebook fan page which will guide you to understand the points.

How To Keep You Facebook Page Up-to-date

2. Profile Image Evaluation :

This is the image which appears when you post something on wall which is viewed by your visitors. You should put a logo which will be used for your company branding rather than putting an individual's name. Like we use the letter "P" as profile picture which represents

3. Tab Thumbnails Review :

You have the option to show 3 tab apps on your Facebook page just below cover image, which can be used to promote your brand. You can use simple text which will be visible to your visitors.

4. Proper Usage Of Tab Apps :

As the tab thumbnails are visible to viewers so your page visitors will be having tendency to try the apps on those tabs. The tab apps include interactive, running contest or offering deals to the audience.  One of the tab should feature a tab app that attracts visitors to subscribe email newsletter for your brand.

5. About Brand Short Description :

A concise statement or description would be helpful for your brand like we used in our page You can add your site URL just after the short description.  This will be always visible to the visitors.

6. About Section Of Page :

Make sure that you have entered all the keywords so that these keywords can be indexed by search engines. Furnish all the information correctly so that it can be visible to others and they can understand your brand and product description/details.

7. Use Proper Facebook URL :

By default, Facebook provides long URL but you can customize your username so that anybody can remember the name quickly. Please check twice before selecting any username as you will be getting only one chance to change this.

8. Make Category Local Business :

If you are based in some location and you are doing the business from there, you can change Facebook category to local business which allows users to visit your location. It is helpful in either ways. It promotes your business location to your visitors, friends and social network connections and also helpful if somebody wants to drop into your local business location would be easy.

9. Comments And Reply :

Facebook has awesome feature by which users can reply to any comment in a thread. If you can make this comments and replies in an interactive manner then this discussion would be very helpful in describing your product with various queries and answers.

10. Admin And Roles :

Make sure that your page has access to those people you trust. Review all the admins and roles assigned for your page so that by mistake if you have made somebody admin or authorized that person to modify your page, in that case it will be misused.

Facebook Page Up-to-date

11. Notification Settings : 

Always check the notification settings for which you will be getting alerts. Review all the types of notification that are active and if required make changes to them. Better to keep all the notifications on so that you can't miss out any update on your page's activity.

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