How To Use Facebook Shortcut Keys And Facebook Emoticons

Posted By: Poketors - August 26, 2013
Millions of users use Facebook and it has no introduction as it is massively popular over net. There was a time when Facebook has no chat facility and when they introduced it people went crazy about the chatting in FB. We have seen many articles in it but the aim for posting this article is to get a refresher. In addition to that Facebook introduced a lot of emoticons too and enabled shortcut keys to browse easily and quickly. We have summarized all the shortcut keys and emoticons which will be helpful in setting up an eye-catching status message or can make you express your feelings with emoticons. Stop using your mouse with multiple repetition.  Find the below collection of shortcut keys and emoticons.

Facebook suggested the usage of shortcuts are browser-specific hence you have to refer below for your browser:

Internet Explorer for PC

Alt + #, then Enter

Firefox for PC

Shift + Alt + #

Safari for Mac

Ctrl + Opt + #

Firefox for Mac

Ctrl + Opt + #


Ctrl + Opt + #

Find the below table for Facebook Shortcuts : 

How To Use Facebook Shortcut Keys And Facebook Emoticons

Facebook Emoticons :

Emoticons are used just to express your feelings and Facebook has a lot of text based emoticons which are useful while chatting. Hope you are already using various emoticons and want to find more. Find below table for Facebook Emoticons :

Facebook Emoticons
Use these shortcuts and emoticons to enhance your Facebook experience. Hope we didn't miss anything here. If we did the nwe would welcome yu to add some more.

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