5 Basic SEO Practices Before Posting An Article

Posted By: Poketors - September 12, 2013
You might be publishing articles on regular basis or in certain intervals in a week. Whatever might be the fact, you should ensure few things before you post anything on your blog for SEO purposes. If you want your blog to come in better rank on Google SERPs then you must follow the five important and 'must do' basic practices before posting .
Here are the five tips :

1. Catchy Post Title : 

Consider a post title "How To Improve Skills On Content Marketing". How does it impact on the people who are searching for articles on "Content Marketing"? Yes! the title will definitely draw the attention of viewers. So in addition to good article "proper post title" helps a lot in bringing audiences for your blog. It increases your website’s traffic resulting better rank in SERPs.

2. URLs Optimization : 

Set proper permalink optimization which will be in great help for the URLs you share on SERPs. Keep all the URLs short with target keywords of the topic so it appear on the search results.

3. Old Post Interlink :

This is one of the best common practices which is useful to keep your viewers stick to your site. It often works better than related articles list. Eventually it increases page views and let viewers stay on your blog for longer time.

4. Grammar and Spelling :

A very common mistake by the bloggers is related to their grammar usage in their posts. This is the most required prerequisite for writing a good article. Before you post any article just check the spelling and grammar. Wrong spelling, grammatical errors, and poor sentence making will give a negative impression of your blog to the viewers even if it consists of useful and informative topics.

5. Image Embedding :

Always keep in mind that viewers will like the post which will have proper information with relevant images. Just think about a post without any image? Looks dumb. But when you use image to your article it makes your post look good and interesting. Keep a short description for the image while embedding to your article.

This article is a basic quick reference guide which will be helpful to the budding bloggers. If you want to know some advanced tips here is an article which will help you in improving skills on content marketing.

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