Dos And Don'ts Of Comment Marketing

Posted By: Poketors - September 23, 2013
Most of the people think that "always commenting on a post" is a bad habit and consider as spamming tactic used to build links only via popular blogs. In some aspects its true but sometimes it is necessary and could be a good practice for marketing strategy. 
But there should be a positive approach that you have to comment relevant and meaningful thoughts. Commenting truly would help you to promote relations, interactions, and business partnerships etc. You can build "always present" attitude with valued comments so that people would be interested about your profile and your company's business.

Below are the few aspects you can follow :

1. Setting Goal : Commenting would help you to establish good relationships with people and with that audience engagement you can set up your goals for your business.

2. Target Audience : You should comment on the blogs where huge traffic is there because it will engage and attract moderate audience for your blog. But before commenting choose your blog niche and comment on the blogs which belongs to your niche.

3. Keep Yourself Updated : Setup a RSS feed to your profile so that you can get updates accordingly about "what's going on in your niche now".  

4. Brand Image : Your profile name or brand should express your business ideas and opportunities and it should be very clear to people. In this way you can build a brand image among the people.

When you are equipped with the above things, you can now start commenting with keeping in mind the following guidelines.

DOS : 

1. Do Relevant Comments : Always write relevant, proper and genuine comments to continue the conversation. 

2. Do Offer Own Views : Offer some views which is relevant to you and would be true for the topic establishing you as a valued commenter.

3. Do Interesting Comments : React to posts in an interesting, entertaining and funny way but stay tuned to the topic.

4. Do Mention People : Always mention or address the people you are pointing to or commenting for, to let them know.


1. Don't Be Generic : Don't only put the words like "Thank You" or "Nice one". Elaborate on the things you liked or also comment if you don't agree with it.

2. Don't Be Harsh Or Use Slang : While commenting, always use some polite words so that it should not hurt somebody's sentiments. Give respect to them and value their comments too. If somebody is wrong you can correct them in a pleasant way.

3. Don't Get Personal : You are going to comment on the post only so never consider the author who writes that.

4. Don't Put Unnecessary Links : People include various links while commenting. By doing this you will be considered as self promoting yourself or your blog or business. Unless it is required and relevant to the topic of discussion, don't include any links.

Hope the above comment marketing tips will help you to re-think before you comment on any post. Share your valuable comments.

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