Growth Of Internet Usage And Its Effect on Human Brains [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - June 26, 2017
The growth of internet is incredible no doubt and its still growing day by day. Internet users got increased along with time and the number of websites as well. The current addiction that has the world’s population enslaved is the internet or the World Wide Web. However, instead of curing ourselves of this addiction, we are letting it spread far and wide. It is up for debate whether this addiction is actually ‘that harmful’ or not, but we do know for sure that it has affected our attention span greatly. Below is the statistics for that!

Growth Of Internet Usage And Its Effect on Human Brains [Infographic]

Social Media has also played a great role in expanding the categories of internet users with huge increment of internet users. Now they are not only using web as browsing media, but they are keen on using net on mobile with various apps also, which as a whole increased the head counts massively. Below is an infographic that presents facts proving the existence of our internet addiction and population statistics.

World Internet Usage And Population Statistics
Source: utterweb

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