How To Manage Social Media With HootSuite

Posted By: Poketors - September 05, 2013
You might be having multiple social media accounts and sometimes you may experience difficulties in managing them because you need logging in those account separately and its time consuming too.

But we are lucky enough that we have a HootSuite with us, which helps in managing multiple Social Media account in single platform. You can keep track of your social media account with scheduling a post earlier. No need posting very often by logging in to the network throughout the whole day. Instead of that you can schedule your posts with date and time and it will be automatically posted or else you can login to your HootSuite profile and share your posts in different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Here are some tips to schedule and maintain your social media on HootSuite :

1. Campaigning : 

Get ready with the post documents either its a photo, video, links, infographics or text message and schedule them ahead of time according to your time to share them. Work in a pre-planned and pre-scheduled mode so that you ensure not to miss anything which have to be shared over social media. So prepare your campaign ready.

2. Scheduling :

You have the option to choose the day and the time when you want your posts to be run. Prepare your post with links and photos and also set an email alert which can notify you while the posts go live.

Inside the HootSuite publisher window, you can view the posts arranged by dates. This helps you to manage the posts or modify the scheduled time, which enables you to edit or delete the posts also.

3. Link Shortening :

HootSuite allows you to shorten your  links while sending as Twitter tweets in its scheduler.  You just need to add the link and then click on "shorten". It will show a preview also.

4. Streams Management :

Undoubtedly managing "Streams" is the best feature in HootSuite. While viewing "Streams", you can get the feel similar to the timeline feature of Facebook. It shows you all the recent happenings in your network. There are different tabs for each and every network and by clicking on tabs you can see your wall posts, news feed, events, tweets, messages and mentions easily. Before you run any post you have the option to preview your posts as how it looks like.

5. Monitoring & Tracking :

HootSuite monitors and tracks how your campaigns are doing so you will know what is working and what’s not with all your shared posts. Below are the highlights of this feature :

a) It helps in determining the number of followers increasing or decreasing. 
b) Its easy to find how many mentions and retweets you’ve received on Twitter. 
c) Track custom URLs. 
d) Manage social media traffic

These features are awesome and works perfectly.

6. Spontaneous Approach :

Keeping a spontaneous approach will help you plan ahead accordingly about posting and able to schedule all of your social media posts in one clean sitting so you can move on to other things throughout the day.

7. Post On Topics :

Along with the above things if you post relevant to current news and events then it will create interest for your readers and the connected people in your network.

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