How To Use LinkedIn For Business

Posted By: Poketors - September 05, 2013
LinkedIn is very much popular and known to everybody who is in business world. Its one of the best tool for networking and promoting brands. LinkedIn has made changes in the past year that allows organizations to communicate with customers, and promotion of the products.

Organizations are not utilizing LinkedIn company pages to their full extent even a lot of organizations have not begun to consistently update their company page status.

Find below the top 10 tips to use LinkedIn for business :

1. Administrative Controls For Page :

Once you open a page for your company then you should have proper control to manage the page. You can add administrator to the page, who can help your company to deal with marketing, sales and HR stuffs. Give proper permission to the people to update the status on the page.

2. Include Company  Information :

Fill up the details in company overview section, including description and the way you want to offer service to your customers. 

3. Update Product & Service Information :

You can include links to product pages and website pages and information on product & service in details.

4. Upload Images :

If you have some product specific images or logo or banner then upload them to the page so that the page will look good proving your customer the option to see the products also.

5. Other Social Media Links :

Include all the other social media profile links in the page so that people who wants to know about the company, products and service can also check the other social media profiles.

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6. Network Connection :

Once you set up your company page now its time to include other members related to that company to endorse the products and services offered by your company. They can get engaged into that page and can update regular updates and required information. If there are some employees then LinkedIn profiles of those persons can be included to the page.

7.  Posting Procedures :

Always posts that are related to company and business. Post information about recent service offerings or jobs at your company. If you provide valuable content, you will create a vibrant LinkedIn community centered around your company.

8. Proper Monitoring :

It is the most important thing that you should monitor your LinkedIn page daily and forward relevant messages to the proper person within your company, whether that be HR, marketing, sales, etc.

9. Testimonials & Recommendations :

The other best idea is to share testimonials about your products and services. People will visit your LinkedIn company page and if they can see which of their network members have recommended your products then it would be easy for your to keep those visitors onto your page. When a member recommends a product, their network connections are notified and the recommendation also lives on your company page. You can ask your valued customers to recommend products through the LinkedIn "Request Recommendations" module.

10.  Review & See Result :

Keep reviewing your page about the details and information regarding the company products and services and if you get any response from customer, response fast.

That's all. If you find this information helpful and if you have something to say then share your experience and suggestions also with us.

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