How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Posts

Posted By: Poketors - October 01, 2013
If you have a blog then you must be finding ways to drive traffic to your blog. Hope you have tried various ways already, we assume that you have made use of social media also. Sharing contents over Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc has become a normal practice. We will discuss some creative way to drive more traffic to your blog. This post will guide you with some fresh and innovative ideas to generate large amount of traffic and get your posts noticed among billions blog posts over net.

Here are some ideas which would help you in getting traffic.

1.  Share Your Content on smaller network platforms : 

The lesser known sites often have active, focused audiences and offer less competition for attention, so your content will definitely drive some amount of traffic.

Here are some examples of smaller networks:

Quora.com : this is purely a  question and answer based website. It was founded by two former Facebook employees. Quora is unique because all content is created, edited and organized by its user communities only. Business and education oriented audience will be there in Quora.

Tumblr : It is a microblogging site which is recently acquired by Yahoo!. Its user base has younger and trendy. It is the perfect platform to share niche-based content.

Empire Avenue : Empire Avenue uses social media marketing tool and a partly social media site. It enables users to broadcast content across all of the other social networks. Small businesses, social media professionals and bloggers like this platform primarily.

2. Get Attention Using Different Media :

You have to give users a compelling reason to click your blog post. So here are some creative ideas to promote your posts with images, audio and video effectively.

3. Short Audio Interaction Via Dubbler :

Dubbler is available for iPhone and Android devices, which offers an easy way to record up to 60 seconds of audio on your phone. After recording you can share it with other Dubbler community members. 

 Using Dubbler you can record an audio message that communicates your excitement and passion about the content. With it, add a filter or photo and enter your blog post URL in the description. Finally you can share with your friends and social media networks.

4. Creating 6 Seconds Looping Video Via Vine :

You can easily create 6-second looping video shorts and share it. For video teaser, Vine video is a great apps available in iPhone. Using Vine you can also share to Twitter and Facebook. Vine is a product of Twitter now so if you include any Vine short, it will be displayed in Twitter tweets also.

5. Overview Of Your Post Via SlideShare :

SlideShare is not only a content sharing platform but a community with multiple times more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It has 51.6 million monthly visitors. You can easily make presentation and it will be visible and searchable from within SlideShare. You can extend its reach and share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

6. Pinning On Group Board Via Pinterest :

You can pin on individual boards and collaborate by pinning to contributor boards. The advantages of pinning to a contributor board is to increase exposure. Once you pin to a contributor board, your followers see the pin and so do their followers.

Here are the tips for pinning your post to Pinterest :
  • Select any descriptive image from your blog post to pin
  • Always set the title of your blog post on the image you choose
  • Include keywords to the description
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Always mention someone in your blog post. Include @ mention them on Pinterest
  • Pinterest always add the URL to your blog post
7. Share Images On Instagram :

Instagram maintains updating feed of images that is viewed by over 100 million monthly users. You can share your main blog image with the post title. It is a great way to get organic traffic to your blog.

Here is an easy way to post your picture to the Instagram :
  • Upload your blog image to Dropbox
  • Login and access Dropbox account from your mobile device
  • Upload the image to Instagram
  • Include a relevant hashtags and the URL of your blog post to the caption
  • Use Bitly to shorten and track click-throughs
  • Include @ mention anyone you referred to in your post
  • Share your Instagram image to Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Foursquare
Hope you have used these idea. If you have anything else for promoting your blog posts, share your suggestions and comments.

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