How To Improve Your Social Mobile Marketing Using Mobile Apps

Posted By: Poketors - October 09, 2013
Make use of the power of mobile apps that are already installed on many people’s smart phones which allows you to connect with people. Here are some people-engaging mobile apps and learn how to leverage your mobile presence to generate both brand awareness and increase new customers.

Here are some most using apps which are helpful in engaging your target audience for your business, product and services.

1. Using Facebook :

Facebook is the number-one mobile social network. 

Here are some tips you can do to stand out from the crowd and make the most of this popular app:
  • Create valuable page content and share on Facebook.
  • Get engaged in Q&A sessions also use paid posts in case its required.
  • Maintain the right time and post according to when your fans are active
  • Use native ads. Native ads are being rolled out for Facebook Mobile.

2. Using Twitter :

Millions of tweets are shared over twitter platform everyday. Sixty percent of Twitter users are on mobile. 

Here are some tips which are helpful in engaging people and fans.
  • Give  space for retweets so that you have to leave room for your audience to add in their comments.
  • Keep your content brief and understandable.
  • Use hashtags when appropriate and using 1-3 hashtags that are relevant to your message and your brand.
  • Make use of the Twitter in case of big events when promoting and always post during the event.
3. Using Instagram :

Instagram has earner a huge positive feedback and people are more keen on using the app while sharing images. Now you can make use of the video features also.

Here are some tips for implementing Instagram usage.
  • Ensure that your photo content is of the highest quality possible.
  • Use hashtags appropriately and it will improve promoting the images.
  • Make sure the videos sharing would be professional and also embeded with audio.
  • Publish your posts to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

4. Using Foursquare : 

Foursquare always help you to share the information that where you are, what you’re doing and how often this happens by “checking in” on your mobile device. 

Follow these tips to leverage Foursquare for your brand and services :
  • Make sure people know how to check in at your location.
  • Create a check-in point for events, which can be a great way to show off customer attendance.
  • Always monitor your reviews and recommendations that your customers leave for you. Keep a normal practice in replying via tweet, message or contact your customers in some other casual way to thank them for visiting.
  • Make sure that your brand is positively represented on Foursquare so that it can create the awareness among audience.
5. Using Groupon and LivingSocial :

Coupon and voucher services are making sensations over the years. Groupon and Living Social are helpful in promoting coupons on past food and household items to incorporate services and luxuries. Here are some tips :
  • Always take advantage of sharing discounts and offer a bonus product or service in the event that someone refers business to you via these sites.
  • Always include as much information as possible and also optimize your deal for in-site searches.

6. Using Localmind :

Most of the people are interested to think locally, from shopping to business services. Localmind offers the opportunity for customers to review and recommend their favorite businesses based on location. 

Here are some tips to make use of the Localmind service :
  • Always promote community involvement and share the experience with Localmind users.
  • Keep highlighting existing partnerships and make sure those relationships emphasize on local partnerships and growing the local economy.
  • Make use of the opportunity in displaying community-centered aspects of your brand.

There are various other mobile apps also, which would be helpful in leveraging mobile and social interaction together. The above mentioned apps are mostly used to practice social mobile marketing. 

Share your comments and experience once you follow the above tips and suggestions. You can also include some other valuable app information too if you find it interesting.

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