How To Optimize Your Website With Simple SEO Tips

Posted By: Poketors - October 06, 2013
Optimizing your webpages would definitely increase your visitors. With following several SEO practices, your blog can receive huge organic traffic from Search Engines. It is an incremental process and often consists of small modification to your webpage to maximize your audience base.

Here are some SEO tips which will be helpful in optimizing your website by making it more visible in SERPs.

1. Keywords in Post Title : 

Use keywords in the Url of the post title. Make sure that your post tilte shows the keywords else you can add manual parmalink. Most of the blogging platforms like blogger and WordPress add post title as the permalink by default. Use permalinks option to change the parmalink if required.

2. Keywords in title tag, headings, meta description and body :

Use less keywords in title tag, headings and meta description. Over usage of keywords in body, subheadings may affect in SEO perspective. In case you have WordPress self hosted blog then you can use “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin to automate keywords practice.

3. Keywords in Domain name :

If your niche is specific to particular subject then always use keywords related to that topic. For example, "spa, saloon". Consider these two keywords and make use of these two words in your 
domain name so that in search engines it can easily be found.

4. Image Optimization : 

Always include tags and title in all of your images and make sure to optimize the size of it. If you use WordPress then use plugin to automate the optimization. in case you use different platforms other than WordPress then you can use standalone software like Gimp or XnConvert. Reduce the loading time of your webpage by reducing the image size without compromising its quality.

Find the below video in which Google's Matt Cutts has described the ways for Google SEO practices.

5. Related Post Interlinking : 

Make sure that you are interlinking all your related posts which also contain keywords. Don’t over do it or don't use same keywords more than two times. In case you are building outbound links by linking to other websites then make sure that the websites you are linking to would be well optimized in Google SERPs. Never build any outbound links with spam websites.

6. Website/Blog Optimization :

If your website is loading fast then obviously you are going to increase your blog visitors. The best practice is to keep your webpage size under 100k also reduce unnecessary scripts and meta tags. Google Page Speed tool would be useful to check your website speed and it also suggests what action should be taken to optimize your website for faster loading. For WordPress blogs, you can use W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.

7. Submission To Search Engine/Directories : 

Make use of the Google Webmaster and Analytics accounts and submit your websites including sitemap. Keep on tracking your rankings and other details. Not only Google search, submit your website/blog to Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines like Baidu, Yandex etc. You can also list your websites in DMoz. But it takes time to get enlisted but surely increases rankings in search engines. For faster solution, you can opt for Yahoo paid listing which charges around 299$. Some web directories are there, where you can list your website free of cost.

8. Visible Quickly:

Your website should be visible upon search without any problem. It should include two sitemaps one for visitors and other for Search Engines. Use breadcrumbs for internal sitemaps and Xml sitemaps for Search Engines.

9. Unique And Quality Contents :

This is an universal truth for any blogger. Always keep on posting quality contents to your visitors by engaging visitors and decrease bounce rate of your website. Always write fresh contents, easy to read and understand mainly for your readers not for Search Engine.

10. Social Media Network : 

Though everybody has social media profile on various Social Network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Make sure that you share your post on these Social Networks everyday. Social Media profiles are the best way to spread your content over internet.

Hope the above steps will be helpful in SEO practicing for your website. If you have any other suggestions and comments, please share with us.

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