How To Speed Up Your PC ?

Posted By: Poketors - October 02, 2013
Whether it is a Windows, Linux, Macintosh or any other OS, our normal tendency is to install various wanted and sometimes unwanted softwares on system.  As a result, over time every computer tends to run slow and generates huge number of unwanted or junk files. 

Here are some tips and tools which will be helpful in improving the performance :

Removing Duplicate Files :

Sometimes we copy the same files to different locations on operating systems. As an effect, it occupies more hard disk space. There is a software tool called Duplicate Finder for Windows or Mac( which can be useful to find the duplicate files and remove them resulting freeing up some space on hard disk.

It scans the hard drive as well as other drives also whether it is an external storage such as flash drives or a portable HDD and generates report. Photographers can use Duplicate Photo Cleaner ( for cleaning up the large size duplicate images which  occupy more space on drive.

Removing Temporary Files :

Using internet generates some temporary files which are also known as left over files and these files should be removed. Usually they are removed automatically but sometimes they stay on hard drive. Like duplicate files it also occupies hard drive space unnecessarily.  

Use CCleaner for Windows or Mac to remove these temporary files. It is available freely. For Mac users, another cleaning tool is there i.e. OnyX (

Removing Unnecessary Shortcuts :

Whenever we install a software it creates shortcut on desktop. Shortcuts are very much useful because we can open that program with a click on the icon placed on desktop. But too many shortcut may create a mess on your desktop and slow down your PC.

Bad Shortcut Killer is an option which offers removing unwanted and unused shortcuts on the desktop or the start menu.

Defragmenting Hard Drive :

If you perform defragmentation on your hard drive it will organize the contents of your drive so that you can access those files quickly. 

Using Defraggler ( would give you the option to defrag the entire hard drive and shows you the space as drive map for your hard drive.

Setting Fast Boot :

Multiple programs installed on your PC makes it  longer to boot up.  The fact is that a lot of applications and services automatically initialise during the boot process. There is an utility Soluto ( for Windows that analyses your PC's boot up time and removes unnecessary startup programs.

Using this tool, you can select the programs you want to remove from startup. If you are a Mac users then you can go to System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items and remove applications that you do not want to include in start up.

Registry Repair :

Corrupted registry is one of the main causes of a slow Windows PC. Registry in Windows, configures and handles every hardware and software installations on your computer. It sometimes get corrupted by obsolete/invalid entries. Download the Registry Repair from glarysoft .com/registry-repair and use it.

This tool scans the registry for a number of common issues and fixes them accordingly.

System TuneUp Utility :

Using TuneUp Utilities (, you can take care about a lot of known issues and fix them. The software is paid one but is well worth the price by providing All-In-One solution tool. While creating a profile of your usage, it recommends various steps to improve performance of your PC. 

Additionally, you can improve your PC's boot up and shutdown time and you can also delete files safely as well as uninstall programs. 

Seeking Help :

If you are not sure using advanced settings, ask a technical person for remote assistance. use some free tolls available over net like LogMeIn, TeamViewer & CrossLoop which can be used to login as a remote user and take over the control of your PC with your permission and can tweak settings. 

Hope the above tips help you to tweak your PC and improves your PC performance. Share your feedback after trying the above tools and comment.

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