Buffer Launches Business Version

Posted By: Poketors - December 17, 2013
Buffer, the mostly used scheduling software has officially launched its newest product for online businesses improvement. Budding online business will allow its users to schedule updates to be posted throughout the day on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook with the help of Buffer for Business.

There is a feature which provides analytics and stats about the posts businesses are sharing, it allows entire teams as contributors to modify/edit and post from different locations of different social networking accounts. 

Buffer for Business in beta version is tested since the summer, and said it’s been wildly successful, accounting for 10 percent of Buffer’s total revenue. TechCrunch reported that Buffer’s co-founder Leo Widrich says since the beta version was released in July, Buffer for Business has signed on 400 paying users, resulting in $23,000 in revenue each month effectively.

Buffer's business version is available in three plans – small, medium or large – each offering different perks. Most notably, the bigger the plan, the more “team members” are allowed to control social accounts. The large plan allows up to 150 social accounts on eight different social networks including Twitter, Facebook, App.net and LinkedIn as well as pages from Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Groups.

Users can track how others are engaging and interacting with their post through things like retweets, favorites, likes, etc. Plans for businesses range from $50 for the smallest to $250 per month for the largest. Currently Buffer is offering a free seven-day trial for its software. Share your comments.

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