Gmail Introduces Showing E-Mailed Images

Posted By: Poketors - December 14, 2013
Earlier due to Google Gmail's security purpose, images used to blocked from showing itself but now it will be automatically displayed in Gmail messages.This wonderful and very new feature will be available across desktop OS, iOS and Android platforms as well.

Google product manager John Rae-Grant in a blog post said that “Have you ever wondered why Gmail asks you before showing images in e-mails. We did this to protect you from unknown senders who might try to use images to compromise the security of your computer or mobile device.”

This improvements to Gmail says that the images are no longer served directly from their original external host servers. Gmail will now serve all images through its own secure proxy servers.

Also the images are checked for malware and viruses to ensure message security without having to click on the old ‘display images below’ link. This automated secured way to use Gmail  is awesome.

Rae-Grant said that “With this new change, your e-mail will now be safer, faster and more beautiful than ever. Similar to existing features like default https access, suspicious activity detection, and free two-step verification, image proxying is another way your email is protected.”

People who prefer the old method may take a few simple steps to ensure they can continue to authorize image display on a per message basis. They have to click on ‘Ask before displaying external images’ under the General tab in Settings.

Rae-Grant said that option will also be the default for users who had previously clicked on ‘Ask before displaying external content.’

Obviously, the new feature will be available on desktop immediately, but there will be delay for Gmail mobile apps until early 2014. Share your comments how does this improve your Gmail experience.

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