How To Optimize Website With SEO Tools

Posted By: Poketors - December 23, 2013
All the available SEO tools are not up to the mark, hence you have to understand the requirement for your business before using any tool. Until and unless you are doing proper optimization you are loosing the ranking on SERPs and therefore you are missing a huge number of traffic to your website.

In this situation some software solution or tricks might help you to rank better in SERPs. Here’s a list of ways they can assure your site has all the SEO essentials covered. Not all of the mentioned points are essential but whatever you do correctly in the world of SEO leads to a higher ranking.

1. Meta Data : It will crawl through every page and ensure your meta data is complete. It basically includes meta description tags and meta keyword tags; if you have duplicate data, tags that are too long or short, or just plain missing tags, these tools will alert you.

2. 404 Errors : If the page is not found in your site it appears. Crawl your site regularly to make sure it never shows such error which is not good customer experience.

3. Duplicate Content : Now it comes under a strict online policy that search engines don’t like duplicates. So be aware of the thing that never ever copy anything and always post own and original content.
Redirects – If required, please configure 301 and 302 redirects to make sure they are functioning properly.

4. Rel Canonical : A very common problem with many URLs; rel canonical issues send search engines to the wrong page on your site.

5 .URL Naming Issues : In case your site has a lot of pages, it’s difficult to keep up with the naming structure. The software can ensure you don’t have more underscores, upper case letters, dynamic URLs, and related mistakes.

6. Links : You can click on every external and internal link but that would be tedious job, instead of that let the software guide you to the errors.

7. Page Title Tags and Headings : Title tags and headings need to be contained proper keyword and descriptive. If they’re not, your software will alert you.

8. Page Indexing : Always make sure that the search engine’s robots have zero issues crawling your site. The software will will help you to do the same more effectively.

9. Loading Times : It is one of the most important thing while experiencing SEO aspects on your website. Load time of your page would matter drawing visitors for your webpage.

10. Buried Content : All the search engines will not venture several levels deep inside your website commonly. If you have content that is too buried, the software will warn you so you can move it to a more top-level position.

11. Follow and No-Follow Tags : You should know which of your links have follow or no-follow tags. Software may help you understand the same.

12. Image Issues : In case you have pictures on your site that are damaged, missing, corrupt, or sans alt text, the software reports will show the errors and corrective solutions.

Free SEO Optimization Software Available :

The provided list above is good but as it is manual route it will be overly time-consuming, but also not really feasible to make sure an error-less site. So in this case, you can rely on some of the mostly used softwares mentioned below :

1. Axandra : Axandra offers fabulous and totally free tools, including a broken link checker, keyword density checker, whois and IP lookup, and a full scale HTTP code check tool. Their featured SEOProfiler is compatible on just about any platform, and performs every function you need to improve your rankings in SERPs.

2. WebCEO : With online and desktop options that include a free trial version of WebCEO, you can test the system to ensure it does all you need it to without spending a dime. WebCEO covers all the tasks above, and will also help you identify keywords, ascertain your competitor’s strategies, and even share content across your social media networks.

3. ScreamingFrog : The ScreamingFrog SEO Spider Tool is a free application. It will spider all your website links and content and suggest SEO optimizations. It is especially useful if you manage a large-scale site with dozens of links to track.

4. mobiReady : Till now we are discussing usage on desktop or laptop or non-mobile devices. But what about optimizing mobile devices. mobiReady analyzes your site to ensure it has dotMobi compliance and optimal small-screen performance across the board, including SEO. If you have major mobile issues, mobiReady will help you understand where you need to focus and it will provide the corrective actions.

Hope the simple SEO software solutions will help you as these are currently in the market. Share you comment on how do you find SEO tools can help your website rank better.

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