Facebook Launches News Reader App 'Paper'

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 31, 2014
The famous news reading app Flipboard is giving a page from its book to Facebook for newly launched mobile app 'Paper'.

Paper app brings content from a user’s news feed with posts and articles from “emerging voices and well-known publications” and displays it together in a new interface altogether.

Image Credit : Facebook

Facebook said in a blog post  that “Paper makes storytelling more beautiful with an immersive design and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts. We’ve also made it easier to craft and share beautiful stories of your own."

It further added that “Your Paper is made of stories and themed sections, so you can follow your favorite interests. The first section in Paper is your Facebook News Feed, where you’ll enjoy inspiring new designs for photos, videos, and longer written posts. You can customize Paper with a choice of more than a dozen other sections about various themes and topics—from photography and sports to food, science and design.”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s desired to make Facebook’s news feed like a “personalized newspaper.”
At the time when the social network launched an updated news feed last spring, the goal was to offer users  beautiful stories and videos of interests.

Zuckerberg added “News feed is one of the most important services that we build." So in short everyone should get the most personalized newspaper in the world. This effort of personalized newspaper should be informative, rich and engaging and relevant.

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