Google Acquires Bangalore Based Impermium For $9 Million

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 22, 2014
Its not been a fortnight when a Bangalore based firm ‘Little Eye Labs’ was acquired by Facebook. Now its time for Google to acquire another Bangalore based tech company Imperium for $9 Million. Imperium is a three year old start-up, founded by Vish Ramarao, Naveen Jamal and Mark Risher, having offices in Bangalore and California, focused on building security products for websites. They previously worked in Yahoo!, Vish Ramarao and Mark Risher handle operation in California whereas Naveen Jamal is Bangalore based and handles operations in Bangalore.

Mark Risher, the CEO and Co-Founder of Impermium,  says in a blog post, “When we founded Impermium three years ago, our mission was to help rid the web of spam, fraud, and abuse. As sites gain in popularity, criminals and miscreants are never far behind, and Impermium has worked hard to defend some of the largest and fastest-growing sites,” he added, “By joining Google, our team will merge with some of the best abuse fighters in the world. With our combined talents we’ll be able to further our mission and help make the Internet a safer place. We’re excited about the possibilities.”

Bradley Horowitz, vice president of product for Google+ posted for Impermium on Google+ as follows:

Impermium is currently serving more than 300,000 clients all over the world, including big names like Tumblr, Pinterest, CNN, ESPN, Typepad and Washington Post etc. Lets hope this year would help Indian startups to grow in global market.

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