Not To Do Things With WordPress

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 24, 2014
People do start a blog with blogger/blogspot platform and once it is getting popular and able to create buzz in IT world. Once a blogger starts a WordPress site also keep the desire to make their site a stand-out. Obviously once you opt for this, would not let your WordPress go down by simple mistakes which could be ignored easily. This article will help you in learning how to avoid some common mistakes which in turn harm your WordPress site. 

Bloggers or website owners can make an amazing WordPress site easily with some equally amazing content and images. And with the help of so many SEO plugins your blog an be visible in Google SERPs. But only if we care the below mentioned 3 important guidelines which many of us don't give much importance.

1. Avoid Free Hosting :

Free hosting is somewhat good and helpful for the starters or beginners who just stepped into blogging world. But after opting for WordPress you might have desired for better ranking and visibility for your blogs. So you can't expect free hosting will serve you as the same way what paid hosting does. We should always keep in mind that nothing is ever free. By using free hosting service you may be saving some bucks for the time being but it’ll cost you later in other ways. All the companies which offer these ‘free hosting’ services have to pay their bills somehow. The only way for them is spamming your website with ads and get money from advertisers. It does not annoy you only but distracting for your website visitors also. So go for some paid hosting service.

2. Avoid Downloading Free Widgets :

Apparently free widgets are great by looks and features. If you populate all this widgets in your blog then your blog loading speed may go down and it any widget doesn't work it may stuck in browser also. Available freely doesn't mean you have to feature all these widgets on your site. Always try to keep them limited and only install widgets that add some value to your site and its useful for your blog.

3. Avoid All Updates :

WordPress keeps releasing new updates very frequently including updates to the core, theme and plugin updates. Ignore all the update alerts if it is not that much necessary. Analyze first which updates are relevant to the functionality of your site then go ahead and ensure that it’s done timely basis and correctly using the services of a web host. Relevant updates will surely help your WordPress site to keep properly optimized and search engine friendly.

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