Thumbs Up Year 2013 For App Store

Posted By: Poketors - January 09, 2014
Apple's widely popular The App Store was a big hit and earned good wealth for more than $10 billion for the entire year. This was a money-flooding year which gave Apple with customers downloading nearly 3 billion apps in December making the month the most successful in the App Store’s history ever.

Apple senior vice-president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue said in a press release expressed “We’d like to thank our customers for making 2013 the best year ever for the App Store. The lineup of apps for the holiday season was astonishing and we look forward to seeing what developers create in 2014.”

The success of App Store’s is obviously good for developers. Apple’s developers have earned $15 billion from App Store sales in entire year.

Apple  also commented that the introduction of iOS 7 enabled developers to create amazing apps that made use of the redesigned user interface as well as the 200-plus new features and APIs. Apps like Evernote, Yahoo, AirBnB, OpenTable, Tumblr, Pinterest and American Airlines have got huge success. Apple said in its press release, “these companies re-imagined the user experience, bringing content to the forefront while increasing the overall efficiency and performance of their apps.”

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