Statwing Makes Data Analysis Easier

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 04, 2014
Data analysis software and tools have always been in demand for various industry sectors. Statwing is introducing an interface with a power of visualization capabilities. Statwing managed to get funds from Cloudera founder Jeff Hammerbacher and with this Partnership Program the company will work upon it.
Image Credit : Statwing
It will enable partners to provide data analysis tools to their users.  The data analysis process will be done either through new free program or a second option where users analyse their data in a fully partner based version of Statwing or it will be embedded directly in the partners web app or at a statwing.com-style URL whichever feasible.

Statwing press release reported that “Increasingly in businesses large and small, companies rely on the analysis of data to make decisions. In the past, this meant hiring an expensive statistical analyst or suffering through confusing spreadsheets. Statwing lets anyone get the same value out of their data as a trained statistical analyst.”

Greg Laughlin & John Le, co-founders of Statwing, explained that they both have experience working with data analysis but could make out the issues related to consumer capabilities and its usability with ease.

Greg Laughlin added that “We both found that statistical products at that time made it really hard to do the basic analysis and visualization that almost anyone wants to do when analyzing a dataset (e.g., relating one variable to one other variable, for example). And Excel was fairly clunky and not that powerful. We figured if we had such different data analysis backgrounds and had such similar pain points, there must be a lot of other folks out there just like us.”

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