LinkedIn Introduces "People You May Know" Feature

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 04, 2014
Similar like Facebook, LinkedIn now has announced the launch of the People You May Know page.

LinkedIn's network’s site explained that  “The sleek new design features beautiful cards with larger photos for an easier to read, streamlined experience. Valuable insights are also at your fingertips. You’ll be able to clearly see if we’re suggesting a connection based on your previous address book import, or if we’re suggesting a LinkedIn member we think you might know.”

LinkedIn Introduces "People You May Know" Feature
Image Credit : Google
LinkedIn announced on Monday and stated that it simplifies the experience of expanding one’s professional network by bringing all pending invitations and suggested connections to one page.

Once someone shows up on the page, a user simply hovers over the bottom right of the member’s photo to decide if they want to connect or not. There will be X button too to ignore the suggestion.

Each and every details were not provided, it appears LinkedIn will be adding several new features to its network in the coming months respectively.

The site also added that “This is just our first step in re-imagining the way you discover and connect with professionals across LinkedIn. We’re looking forward to making People You May Know even more valuable over the next few months.”

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