Google Introduces Project Ara For Smartphones

Posted By: Arin Dey - April 20, 2014
Google’s new modular Smartphone project Project Ara is launching shortly. The Project Ara leader Paul Eremenko has announced the phones will be gray and retail for about $50. The Smartphone project being launched by Google will allow users to change the physical appearance of the device. It will enable owners to mix and match bodies and interface features ranging from wallpaper to the phone’s shell.

Google Introduces Project Ara For Smartphones

Eremenko, during a press conference Tuesday, stated that “It’s true that Android does not support dynamic hardware today. The good news is that we’re Google.” He also added that all the necessary drivers will be released in December. So it is quite expected that the phones will be going on the market one month later.

All the users will no longer need to change phones to get the latest components, they’ll simply be able to switch them. Additional information on Project Ara will come in July at the next developer’s conference. In September, rest of the details will be unveiled. All these details will be followed by regulatory certification and carrier certification in November.

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